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JIWA : The Taste of Life

I am a huge fan of Rotis. Attribute it to my North Indian genes. So am always on the lookout for healthy, nutritious varieties of atta.  add to that my experimental nature. So naturally, the launch of JIWA atta spelt good news for me. The varieties of atta apart, I was intrigued by the different processes they use prior to the milling of the grains. What’s more, fortified with minerals and vitamins these range of attas are full of herbs, dehydrated vegetables catering to the nutritional needs of various sections. Basically, JIWA multi-food attas are a blend of multiple grains, dals and pulses, some natural dried vegetables & herbs, edible seeds and some other super foods.

Excited at the prospect of sampling rotis made with these attas, I stepped into Jiwa Cafe at Bandra, a suburb in Mumbai. Over a candid conversation with young entrepreneur Raghav Gupta,  I experienced the goodness of JIWA atta. Multi-grain, Slimming, Diabetic, Women special, youth plus atta  were on offer. The in-house Roti Master made me a slimming atta roti wrap with exotic veggies in balsamic. I opted for hummus as my sauce. Voila! I had a delicious wrap to bite into. The plain rotis made from multi grain atta and makki ka ata were equally a delight. Soft, tasty and wholesome. There is nothing to beat a piping hot roti. I can enjoy it sans any accompaniment. Other options were Butter Beans & Feta,  Tandoori Bhindi Aloo, Paneer Shazlik, Char grilled Fruits and Tofu Paprika. For sauces, too there was something to suit every palate – Mexican salsa, Greek yogurt, Hummus, Asian Wasabi, Desi Chutney, Nutty Peanut or a Pesto. The drinks need to be improved perhaps. Limited choice and quite diluted which rob it of the flavour completely.

IMG-20140424-WA001 (1)

The cafe of course is simple and is there merely to encourage people to eat healthy rotis made with good quality nutritious atta. The cafe also sells the range of attas in smart looking packs of half and one kg. It is also available at various other stores in the city and many more are being added soon.

If JIWA lives up to its promise and continues to deliver the various attas for wellness, daily nutrition, health plus and so on, people in Mumbai are soon going to be healthy. Perhaps youngsters will give up junk food and maida rolls and frankies and take to these healthy rotis which are packed with nutrition.  We need more people like Raghav to be committed to helping people eat healthy and lead a healthier lifestyle. Way to go Raghav. I am going to spread the word. Are you?

Dunkin’ Donuts & more…. is Finally Here!

I have waited for ages for this favourite donut brand of mine to enter India and then, my city Mumbai. Today is finally the day when it is here. There is one outlet in Khar on Linking Road and another in Phoenix Marketcity Kurla. My excitement knew no bounds.Even more intriguing was the invite which said an experiential workshop. I was all set.

But what I experienced over two hours clearly surpassed my expectations. Both in terms of the information shared and of course the Dunkin’ Donuts & more experience.

Their 29 th outlet in India. That really is quite a lot. But I was never initiated into what goes behind the food and beverage planning here. And that was enlightening. Dev Amritesh, President & COO, painstakingly and interestingly took us through a broad but detailed overview. I liked the fact that this brand is intentionally imperfect, twisted, bipolar if you like in its F&B offerings. Adds that element of fun to it. Normal is boring after all.

Chef Pedro D’mello and Chef Felix filled us in on the food & beverages respectively. The Heaven can wait burger stole my heart. What a perfect way to juxtapose flavours, textures through usage of ingredients. Sumptuous and filling. The burger bun was unique. Not the usual sesame seed sad bun we normally get. The bread had a ciabatta feel to it. Wholesome and flavourful. And of course the Tough Guy burger transports you to another gastronomical world altogether.

The newly launched Wicked wrap was a delight too. Wicked it sure was as there was an interesting contrast of flavours teasing and tantalising the taste buds. The succulent chicken, with the crispy nachos, soft jalapenos were married together beautifully. And yet were so distinct.


May 2014 012

Equally heart warming was the cappucino. Aromatic, robust, complex and spicy. Yes it had peppery notes to it. Had the perfect cuppa after a long time.  And of course the Stirr’accino is a treat for the eyes and the palate. The spiked ice tea was as refreshing as it was meant to be. The mace, cloves, star anise and cinnamon played their parts to perfection in lending this drink just the right zing.

May 2014 019

What do I say about the signature donuts? I simply love those. But prefer mine a wee bit warm. Not at room temperature, as many do. Death by Chocolate and Alive by chocolate are my all time favourites. When not in the mood for a chocolate one, try the classic cinnamon one. for fruit lovers, strawberry double delight and very very blueberry are great options too.

Had the most wonderful afternoon. There is something for everyone. Value for money, it is worth a visit. I cannot wait to go back again.