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Anjani’s Apron: a patisserie with a difference

I am all for entrepreneurs. And women entrepreneurs? Even better. Was thus very impressed when I learnt that behind the lip-smacking and unique array of desserts at Apron Patisserie, is a talented lady called Anjani Kasliwal.
Anjani has nurtured a passion for baking for as long as she can remember. Taking her hobby to the next level, she founded and started Apron Patisserie on August 4th 2013. Her forte is Eggless and Gelatine free baking. Whew! I thought that was commendable.
What appeals the most to me is the fact that all her desserts are customized and bespoke as per her customer’s needs. She goes all out to please her customers. Anjani has also pursued a cake decoration course  from Le cordon Bleu,London.
Unusual flavours is what excites her. Fresh ingredients including fresh fruits are her favourite and using those, she creates magical cakes and desserts.
I loved her  cup cakes. Dainty and decadent. Poetry on plate. Literally. Rose and pistachio, Boston cream pie, chocolate with mint, black tea and honey, were some of the exciting flavours I tried. Absolutely unusual and of a very superior quality. But Rs 600 for 12 mini cup cakes I thought was a bit steep.
Her tea cakes are equally exciting. Carrot and cinnamon was particularly delicious. Light and fluffy. Baked to perfection. Very moist, just the way I love my cakes. Am keen to try the lemon and basil next time. Kids will love the cookies and cream cake.
The chocolate mousse did not match my expectations. Loved the container in which it was served though. Although the texture was smooth and perfect, I found it cloyingly sweet, which marred the experience for me. The quality of chocolate used was undoubtedly outstanding.
What do I say about the Dessert in a jar? Mouth-watering and a total eye-candy. Well-presented, these are not only sinful but value for money too. Vanilla with custard and fresh strawberries is to die for. I am frankly done with Red Velvet, but that is there too.
She has brownies too- fudge, ferrero rocher, mint and fudge and many more. Of course Anjani does a variety of cakes on order too for birthdays, anniversaries and even corporates. Her presentation is classy, as are her choice of ingredients.
Based out of Breach candy in South Mumbai, Anjani takes orders from across Mumbai. So the next time you are craving exotic desserts and cakes, reach out for Anjani’s Apron Patisserie.
Rating : 3.5/5

Fresh, Fragrant & Flavoursome: Lebanese food at Pondichery Cafe

Tabouleh, fattoush, falafel, hummus and pita bread, are perhaps the first names that come to my mind when I think of Lebanese cuisine. But of course there is much more to this subtle, but flavourful cuisine. Lebanese food is one of the freshest and most delicious.

Lebanese food  is, without a doubt, the most popular of all Middle Eastern cuisines and history has played a significant role in this. Lebanon was under foreign powers for years on end and these have influenced the food to a large extent. The Turks controlled Lebanon and introduced a variety of foods that have since then become staples in the Lebanese diet, including olive oil, fresh bread, baklava (a sweet pastry dessert), laban (homemade yogurt), stuffed vegetables, and a variety of nuts. Again, it was the Ottomans who introduced and popularised lamb in this cuisine.


Chef Maher from Sofitel Dubai was in Mumbai visiting Sofitel Mumbai BKC for a Lebanese Food Festival at Pondichery Cafe and being a huge fan of this cuisine, the invitation was hard to decline.

Originally from Syria but now settled in Dubai, Chef Maher has a strong hold over Lebanese cuisine. Add to that several years of experience as a chef. He is truly a master at his craft.

He demonstrated a beetroot Moutabel which seemed so easy to prepare and was even better to taste. Typically a spicy eggplant, garlic and basil dip, but Chef Maher gave it his own twist. This one in fact was lip-smacking and unique. The colour too was extremely appetizing.

The Lebanese dishes were a part of the otherwise exhaustive buffet. One could not resists the Mezze. So I relished the hummus, tabouleh, moutabel and pita.


Potato volute flavour puree red with cabbage and brown lentil was the soup I tried. It was a tad too bland for me. From the hot mezzah, I sampled the sambosik, but was disappointed with it as it was too cold and chewy. Perhaps being on the buffet for long had resulted in it being so. So that was a bit of a kill joy too.

The variety was tremendous and surprisingly, there was a lot of vegetarian fare too. The Cold mezzah had Kosa mahshi -Baby marrow stuffed with rice, onion, tomato aqnd parsley, Feter ma al jazar -Mushroom and carrot in lemon olive oil, Bamieh bel ziat -Braised okra in tomato coriander sauce.


The highlight in the main course for me was the Laban Umo- braised lamb in yogurt sauce topped with ghee and pine nuts. It was mouth-watering, prepared to perfection and comforting. Soul food, i would call that. The Batata bel synia- oven cooked potato with tomatoes, onions and olive oil, did not impress me too much. The Jambari mujbous was delectable. An absolute treat for the palate. Marinated shrimps and rice with herbs, dry lemon and cardamom made for a perfect combination. The aroma of this fragrant dish filled my nostrils. The Sabanekh ma hommus wel banadora -Spinach and chick peas cooked in tomato sauce too was light and flavorsome. A lot of chick peas in this cuisine, but I welcome that.

There was shwarma too, personally being tended to by Chef Maher, but I decided to skip that.

I could not wait to try the desserts. Namoura Semolina – Cake soaked in syrup, decorated with almonds, Qatayef – Walnuts stuffed in pan fried dough, Umali and Mouhlablia were on offer. Given my sweet tooth, I found some of the desserts less sweet specially the Mouhlablia and thus my vote went to the Umali. Closer to our home made bread pudding, it was rich, creamy and full of nuts. The texture was appealing as was the sweet quotient. The semolina cake too was extremely well made and the unique texture and mild flavours, appealed to my taste buds.


Overall, it was an enjoyable meal, with authentic Lebanese dishes prepared adroitly by Chef Maher. The hospitality at Sofitel Mumbai BKC is always unquestionable. I left Pondichery cafe, smiling as always.

Dunkin’ Donuts & more…. is Finally Here!

I have waited for ages for this favourite donut brand of mine to enter India and then, my city Mumbai. Today is finally the day when it is here. There is one outlet in Khar on Linking Road and another in Phoenix Marketcity Kurla. My excitement knew no bounds.Even more intriguing was the invite which said an experiential workshop. I was all set.

But what I experienced over two hours clearly surpassed my expectations. Both in terms of the information shared and of course the Dunkin’ Donuts & more experience.

Their 29 th outlet in India. That really is quite a lot. But I was never initiated into what goes behind the food and beverage planning here. And that was enlightening. Dev Amritesh, President & COO, painstakingly and interestingly took us through a broad but detailed overview. I liked the fact that this brand is intentionally imperfect, twisted, bipolar if you like in its F&B offerings. Adds that element of fun to it. Normal is boring after all.

Chef Pedro D’mello and Chef Felix filled us in on the food & beverages respectively. The Heaven can wait burger stole my heart. What a perfect way to juxtapose flavours, textures through usage of ingredients. Sumptuous and filling. The burger bun was unique. Not the usual sesame seed sad bun we normally get. The bread had a ciabatta feel to it. Wholesome and flavourful. And of course the Tough Guy burger transports you to another gastronomical world altogether.

The newly launched Wicked wrap was a delight too. Wicked it sure was as there was an interesting contrast of flavours teasing and tantalising the taste buds. The succulent chicken, with the crispy nachos, soft jalapenos were married together beautifully. And yet were so distinct.


May 2014 012

Equally heart warming was the cappucino. Aromatic, robust, complex and spicy. Yes it had peppery notes to it. Had the perfect cuppa after a long time.  And of course the Stirr’accino is a treat for the eyes and the palate. The spiked ice tea was as refreshing as it was meant to be. The mace, cloves, star anise and cinnamon played their parts to perfection in lending this drink just the right zing.

May 2014 019

What do I say about the signature donuts? I simply love those. But prefer mine a wee bit warm. Not at room temperature, as many do. Death by Chocolate and Alive by chocolate are my all time favourites. When not in the mood for a chocolate one, try the classic cinnamon one. for fruit lovers, strawberry double delight and very very blueberry are great options too.

Had the most wonderful afternoon. There is something for everyone. Value for money, it is worth a visit. I cannot wait to go back again.