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Taste Plus Health = Cafe Pishu’s

The discerning diner today wants to eat healthy stuff, yet enjoy, what he eats. Healthy food is no longer tasteless and bland. Sounds quizzical? Not really so, if you have eateries like Pishu’s in Mumbai.

Located in bustling Andheri West, Pishu’s is a health-conscious person as well as a foodie’s delight. A cafe with a modest ambience, it offers 100+ variants of juices. Not just that, the café also has a well-crafted food menu including pizzas (made out of whole wheat lavash base), whole wheat pasta, many variants of sandwiches, brown rice, hot organic salads and many more such options. In short, there is something for every palate.

The fat burner I sipped first was a pleasant surprise. Made of dudhi(bottle gourd), pineapple, tomato, mint & ginger, it was delicious, unlike the perception one has of health drinks.  The Pizza exotica with a dash of cheese on a lavash base was fresh and crisp with a great balance of flavours and textures. Distinctly light. The garlic added the right amount of zing to it.

Lavash Pizza Burnt Garlic

Although the organic salad lived upto its promise of being healthy, with no oil and had exotic veggies,  it was not flavoursome and a wee bit dry. Not something I would like to repeat often. The brown rice with green sauce was tantalizing for the taste buds with spinach, herbs and spices et al. It comes with two other sauce variations too. The dessert I thought was really innovative. Oats with fresh fruits like kiwis, bananas, figs and more.

Pishu’s has an interesting blend of juices and shakes which are quite unusual apart from being healthy. What’s more, each dish has the calorie count specified. The menu is far from limited and by no means boring.

Monish Rohera, the owner, is a health and fitness freak himself and being a Dadar Catering college graduate, understands food well. He has painstakingly created the menu and tries to incorporate healthy elements in it. The ingredients used are seasonal, fresh and wholesome.

For those of you, who are not counting your calories, there are brownie shakes and cheese burnt garlic sandwiches too. so get healthy this season. And with Pishu’s flavourful spread, it is not a bad idea at all.


Palette Pleaser Par Excellence

If you’re looking for a quick bite and yet want to enjoy your food, then Palette, the new urban kitchen at Kamla Mills, Lower Parel, is just the place.  A no-frills, self service  eatery with the menu and pricing listed clearly, one just needs to pick up one’s tray and help oneself from the vast array.

From tasteful sandwiches, appetizing bagels and hearty soups, to delectable wraps, lip smacking burgers and mouth-watering pizzas. Palette has them all. One may finish one’s meal quickly, but the meal is delectable nevertheless. Chef Ajay Mathur, the Executive Chef uses the finest ingredients and painstakingly creates each dish. There is no compromise on the taste or quality.

The soup with shredded chicken, veggies and the aromatic lemon grass was perfect for the rainy weather. The pizza we tried was unique with caramalised onions, which clearly enhanced its flavour. The wraps too had an interesting filling, with chicken folded in a a lip-smacking sauce. But what added the wow factor to the meal was the roasted potato salad. It was absolutely a palate pleaser. I have never enjoyed a vegetarian salad more.

The chocolate mousse cake was the only disappointment, with a tough texture owing to excess gelatine. Did not appeal to my taste buds at all. I should have settled for the Baked cheesecake or Tiramisu maybe.

Catering to all the cravings of the day – from breakfast to dinner, Pallette also offers free wi-fi to keep you connected during your lunch hour and special coffee breaks!

The staff is helpful and affable and Chef Mathur a culinary wizard who makes a simple meal seem so exciting and delicious with unusual flavours and textures. A next trip to Palette is already on my mind.

Get Crack(l)ing this Monsoon

I can somehow never resist sizzlers. Something about that sizzling noise in the monsoons along with the aroma, makes me long for sizzlers.

Couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered that Cafe Mangii was hosting a Sizzlers Festival till the end of the month. I made my way to the Khar outlet, one that I have never visited before. Like all other Cafe Mangii outlets in Mumbai, it is elegance and informality personified. The relaxing ambience immediately beckons you.

The sizzlers menu set my taste buds tingling. Each one sounded more exotic than the other. What’s more! Each sizzler comes with traditional flavors and spices served with exotic veggies.

I was confused. But since I have a soft corner for sea food, I opted for the Harissa marinated Rawas steak. It was a treat for the eyes too with the colourful bell peppers, cheese fondue and of course the rawas steak and herbed risotto. My colleague tried the Pot Roast Chicken with mushroom pepper sauce and assured me it was lip-smacking.

Diced Pepper Steak

The rawas was grilled to perfection and simply melt in my mouth. The cheese fondue complimented it and the veggies added the right element of crunch.  There was an interesting amalgamation of flavours and textures. It was extremely filling and complete value-for money.  The mushroom sauce my friend said was a total palate pleaser.

Vegetarians can enjoy the perfectly grilled cottage cheese & pepper steak or dig into the corn, potato & jalapeno steak served with basil pesto sauce. Lamb Leg with rosemary and Grilled Pork Chops with traditional barbeque sauce is another hot favourite among meat lovers.

We skipped the Pizookie, a feisty dessert, but dessert lovers should try it. So while it rains outside, head to a Cafe Mangii outlet near you to have that incredible sizzling experience. I mean, for your taste buds!