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An evening of bread making

I love bread and can have it any time of the day or night. And more so today, when the variety is endless. Multigrain, foccacia, ciabatta, baguette, panini. Although the market is flooded with delicious breads, I love to experiment and make my own at home too. So, when an opportunity to attend a workshop on bread-making from Chef Sunil, the Senior Pastry Chef of the Mars Group, presented itself I jumped at the chance. It was at Eat Around The Corner in Bandra. One of my favourite restaurants anyway.

 A few eats and drinks later, we marched to the Kitchen, hair caps et al. Multigrain bread was what Chef Sunil started with. An absolutely delightful experience. He made everything look so simple and gave us some insights which were hitherto unknown to me. Effortlessly he folded the bread, after the dough was prepared. The multigrain mix that he used was packed with nutrients.

The Fruit and Nut cake was tackled next. Chef Sunil made it seem like child’s play. But it was really basic and gave everyone around, the confidence to try it at home. The ingredients just needed to be mixed well in sequence and hey presto, the batter was ready.

Chef emphasized that the fruits should be mixed well in the dry flour initially else, when the cake rises, the fruits will settle down. That, I thought was a valuable tip.


The French baguette came last. In this, no sugar had to be added, but the rest of the ingredients were same as the first multi grain loaf, minus the multigrain mix of course.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, informative and interactive. I emerged from their kitchen, more confident and well-equipped to make better breads.