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Light and Healthy Eats

Now that the festive season is over, and we have begun a new year,  may be we all want to eat light and healthy for a few days at least. I sure am trying. It is a healthy winter soup each night for dinner- pumpkin, cauliflower, spinach, and so on. I also tried an interesting turkey lentil soup recently. Aromatic, flavourful and warm. A soup is meant to be an appetiser, but sometimes ends up becoming the meal itself.

Not that I am feeling guilty for the over-indulgence. But it’s just nice to give the body a bit of a rest before we start again. Salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches can be varied and healthy. A low calorie meal can still satisfy your hunger.

And trust me, these need not be bland or boring.  Can be carefully planned and jazzed up. Who can ever tire of the classic soup and salad meal? Not me for sure. I love it. Only make sure your salads are varied and have many colourful ingredients, so that boredom does not set in.

A hearty soup stock with winter vegetables is satisfying  enough or at best pair it with a sandwich made with leftover chicken or ham. And yes, wholewheat bread. When eating a salad, try and avoid heavy salad dressings or dips. I prefer a lot of mustard instead, or even lime, for that zing in a salad.

herb menu copy

A salad with mixed leafy greens, crunchy celery, carrots and tomatoes makes for a delicious meal. For a heartier salad, add tuna or salmon, croutons and cheese. Yes, a bit of cheating is allowed, if only to pamper your taste buds a bit. Jazz up your salad with seasonal fruits. Nothing like apples and oranges in salads. A sea food salad is a good bet too.

Pasta salad makes a filling, but still light, meal. Add veggies to your pasta, as well as some chicken, and a dash of olive oil and you have a tasty meal ready.

Wraps with smoked chicken are one of my favourites. The wraps should be of whole wheat though. Or a falafel wrap maybe?

One must keep in mind that more of protein and less carbs is ideal these days. And of course fatty foods and fried stuff should be completely avoided. Red meat is best stayed away from. After all you have had enough of sorpotel and sanna during Christmas. Haven’t you?

Steamed vegetables, legumes and beans are again a wonderful way to detox your body. Keep away from those sausages, burgers, nuggets and pate. Those may be handy and easy to consume, but are heavy and far from healthy. Processed food is a big no-no for me.

Exotic Mushroom Ramen  - The Fatty Bao - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra-

Consciously add green leafy vegetables, whole grains to your diet. Hummus chicken with brown rice pilaf is a treat and yet, light. The brown rice chicken pilaf at Nothing But Chicken or their Bistro salad are great options too.

So keep eating light and healthy meals the next few days, to ease off your system. Stay fit, Stay healthy. Tell me how January goes.


Taste Plus Health = Cafe Pishu’s

The discerning diner today wants to eat healthy stuff, yet enjoy, what he eats. Healthy food is no longer tasteless and bland. Sounds quizzical? Not really so, if you have eateries like Pishu’s in Mumbai.

Located in bustling Andheri West, Pishu’s is a health-conscious person as well as a foodie’s delight. A cafe with a modest ambience, it offers 100+ variants of juices. Not just that, the café also has a well-crafted food menu including pizzas (made out of whole wheat lavash base), whole wheat pasta, many variants of sandwiches, brown rice, hot organic salads and many more such options. In short, there is something for every palate.

The fat burner I sipped first was a pleasant surprise. Made of dudhi(bottle gourd), pineapple, tomato, mint & ginger, it was delicious, unlike the perception one has of health drinks.  The Pizza exotica with a dash of cheese on a lavash base was fresh and crisp with a great balance of flavours and textures. Distinctly light. The garlic added the right amount of zing to it.

Lavash Pizza Burnt Garlic

Although the organic salad lived upto its promise of being healthy, with no oil and had exotic veggies,  it was not flavoursome and a wee bit dry. Not something I would like to repeat often. The brown rice with green sauce was tantalizing for the taste buds with spinach, herbs and spices et al. It comes with two other sauce variations too. The dessert I thought was really innovative. Oats with fresh fruits like kiwis, bananas, figs and more.

Pishu’s has an interesting blend of juices and shakes which are quite unusual apart from being healthy. What’s more, each dish has the calorie count specified. The menu is far from limited and by no means boring.

Monish Rohera, the owner, is a health and fitness freak himself and being a Dadar Catering college graduate, understands food well. He has painstakingly created the menu and tries to incorporate healthy elements in it. The ingredients used are seasonal, fresh and wholesome.

For those of you, who are not counting your calories, there are brownie shakes and cheese burnt garlic sandwiches too. so get healthy this season. And with Pishu’s flavourful spread, it is not a bad idea at all.


Burger Binge : Burgs @ Bandra

A rainy day like today seemed perfect to drop in at Burgs, the new burgers joint in Bandra. Hearty & Wholesome Burgers with milk shakes, sounded tempting enough to make the effort to venture out in this weather.

A warm and amiable young man, Krishna Kilachand greeted us and seated us politely. He took us through the menu, painstakingly explaining the range of burgers and the reasons for their inclusions. Here was a man who was definitely passionate about burgers! The father son duo of  Sanjay & Krishna Kilachand have started Burgs although Krishna is the hands-on person, chatting with customers, answering queries and even taking orders if needed.

The Dijon Chicken burger- Chicken breast grilled to perfection, sautéed in a homemade mustard sauce is what my friend opted for, while, given my soft-corner for seafood, I ordered the Prawn Kracker. The whole wheat bun with the light succulent grilled chicken pieces, was light and delicious. Quite different from the usual burgers one is used to in India. Of course the normal white bread buns are always there too.

But what bowled me over completely was the Prawn Kracker burger. It was tangy and tantalizing. The patty was well fried, with generous amount of prawns in it, replete with seasoning, lemon zest sauce, spices et al. The french fries which one could dip into the Inferno sauce set our palates on fire. Chipotle Mayo was another interesting dip.


For meat lovers, there’s BBQ Lamb – A delicate lamb patty smothered with our special homemade BBQ sauce. Vegetarians do not despair. You don’t have to settle for the usual aloo tikki burger. Try the Aubergine Delite  with delicately spiced brinjal patty, fried to perfect crunchiness, topped with chilly garlic mayo or the Corn Colonel-a grilled patty made of honey spiced corn kernels, topped with a special tangy sauce and homemade relish. Delectable.

The Burnt caramel shake was extraordinary, while the cold coffee was well-made too, but nothing to write home about. Strawberry Slush, Classic Chocolate, Vanilla and Lavender Milkshake, Cola Float Whizz are the other specialty Thick shakes that will have children and adults thronging for more.

A bright, all-white diner with curved corners on just about everything, from the chairs to the walls, gives this restaurant an edgy look that sets it apart from the other fast food joints.

A great place for lunch with friends or even alone. Yummy burgers and refreshing milk shakes.  Not the fast food variety of burgers. Expect gourmet burgers with fresh wholesome ingredients and value-for-money stuff. I am going back for more. Coming?