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A Sub-lime experience: Quiznos

Bandra sure is swinging like always. First, Bagelwala and now Quiznos.  New food places keep mushrooming in this happening suburb of Mumbai. USA’s popular sub chain, Quiznos, has made their entry in the Indian sub-continent, by opening their flagship franchisee outlet in Mumbai.

 Bhavana & Kunal Khatri, are the enterprising duo who have started this. Bhavna said, “India today boasts of a variety of fast food chains, but Quiznos  offers different food for different tastes right from different types of soups, salads, pizzas, and a lot of other stuff.”

The cozy, vibrant interiors immediately appealed to me. The staff at the counter is well-informed and takes you through the offerings painstakingly. The concept of all the subs being toasted is good. The breads used for the Subs are exciting. Multi grain, Italian white and rosemary cheese. Yummy. I settled for the Rosemary cheese of course and the chicken carbonara Sub. My colleague tried the Chipotle chicken. Mine was a mildly flavoured sauce, but creamy and with a stringy texture. The other one was spicy and crunchy. The carbonara sauce however tasted different than what it does in a pasta with bacon. But nevertheless, delicious.

The Smokey Chilli Chicken Sammie ( a multi grain wrap basically) was good too. In fact, more filling than the Sub. Total value-for-money, I thought. The freshness of the ingredients struck me as I munched through it. Quiznos, is particular about what they serve and they care about the customer’s health. Thank God for that.

The subs, sandwiches, sammies are affordable. Equally exciting is the sub of the say offer. What sets it apart from Subway is the choice of a non-veg and veg sub daily.

The Hot BBQ chicken salad, was the winner. Crunchy, tangy with succulent chicken pieces in a delectable BBQ sauce. We simply loved it. Never felt more healthy !

Office goers and students are going to love this place. It offers them just what they are looking for. A hearty meal which is tasty and easy on the wallet. And then there are combos too.

We may have gorged on the Non-vegetarian stuff only, but the vegetarians have a lot to choose from. Aloo Spinach, Veg Hara Bhara, Paneer Tikka. You name it and they have it in the subs. The menu has Pizzas as well, if you are not too fond of subs and sammies. And yes, you can begin your meal with a Spicy tomato soup or a cream if mushroom soup @Rs 50 only.

 I loved what I ate and that’s what Quiznos stands for. So it did live upto its promise.