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A Good BIG-Inning: Breakfast at Silver Beach Cafe

Stepping out for a sumptuous breakfast is not what I would normally do on a weekday, but then, some exceptions have to be made. Silver Beach Cafe at Juhu was certainly one of them. And primarily because it serves breakfast from 7 am in the morning. An absolute rarity in Mumbai and something I am always on the lookout for.

I was gung-ho and was looking forward to my breakfast on this Thursday morning. It was meant to the be the BIG Hangover breakfast. We did not obviously have one, but were up for this breakfast alright.

Seated int he Cafe, over looking the road, minutes later, our fluffy Spanish omelette platter arrived with potato wedges, sausages n salad. The omelette was a treat for the eyes as it was for the palate. Well beaten, the egg whites were fluffy and light, with the egg yolk as the base. Garnished with veggies and cheese, served with whole wheat bread, it was the perfect start to our day. It had sufficiently ignited our appetite.

Beetroot, apple and celery juice was fresh and offered the right flavours. Not tart or cloyingly sweet. Perfectly natural. It further refreshed us, as did the orange and carrot juice.

The pepper and spinach omelette was well done too. A great combination I thought. Delicious but, paled in comparison to the Spanish omelette, which was Chef’s creativity at its best.

The menu is fairly exhaustive with a lot of options to choose from the eggs section. Keema with sunny side up, seemed interesting, but I saved it for another day. The array of fresh juices is equally enticing, as was the French Toast. If indulgence is not on your agenda, cereals withe milk, muesli are your best bet.

Affordably priced, this breakfast is bound to liven you up. Don’t miss the Spanish Omelette. It is worth the drive to this place.Hangover- 3

This Parisian influenced Cafe in Juhu – Silver Beach Cafe is done up in a swanky glass facade of French windows and intimate booth seating making it an ideal space for a romantic date. It offers other regular meals too. I am of course heading back for breakfast another day soon. Never mind the hangover!