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Easy cook, Easy Eat

A plethora of ready to cook meal boxes, replete with ingredients have inundated the market. People who love to cook but don’t have the time to labour over it or  those who don’t want to order food from outside,  or beginners in cooking, have a lot to choose from. Truly.


I love to cook and when I don’t want to, I simply order a takeaway or eat out, so never really felt the need for such a box with pre-portioned ingredients, but finally gave in and decided to try Built2cook.

In 90 mins the pre-portioned ingredients for my Chicken Stroganoff in  a box arrived at my doorstep. The  recipe had been carefully crafted by 5 star chefs and  tested, so I had nothing to worry.


I got going with my utensils as the ingredients – chicken, cream, demi glaze, sauces, vegetables,  oil, herb rice, etc  were all neatly packed amd labelled. I could see, these were sourced from quality sources.

In minutes, following the easy-to-follow recipe with simple instructions along with pictures, my Chicken Stroganoff was ready. Incredible. What’s more, at Rs 250, I had before me a dish, which I normally relish in fancy places at almost double the price.


The creamy texture, crunchy veggies, succulent pieces of chicken, simply melt in my mouth and the accompanying herb rice was an ideal match for it. The meal was an extremely satisfying one.


What is nice is that Built2Cook has about 12 recipes and there is a weekly rotation.  So one never gets bored. The shelf life of the product is 24 hours since there aren’t any added preservatives. Built2Cook has been operational for four months in Hyderabad and has recently launched in Mumbai, currently delivering between Andheri and Malad. I am blessed.


Although I know I am not going to be needing this too often, it is comforting to know, something like  Built2cook exists. Good quality, easy to prepare dishes, completely hassle free and the end result: delicious, affordable food.