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Rustic & Robust Flavours from A Village

Pind da khana sounds comforting at once. After all it means, food from your village. And here, if the ‘pind’ in question is Punjab, well, automatically it spells familiarity and comfort for me.

Baluchi at The Lalit, Mumbai is currently hosting a Pind da Khana festival till Saturday for both lunch and dinner.

My lunch began on a refreshing note with the Shikanji soda or lemonade with rock salt and soda. The right amount of sweetness and salt. Just the way I love mine. It helped me create an appetite.


The menu was fairly exhaustive and I was in a dilemma. What shall I eat or skip? Amritsari Chholey kulchey, Patialashahi kadhai Paneer, Kadhi pakoda, Jalandhari barrah boti and Amritsari Machhi. I was impressed with the vegetarian options too. .

The traditional Atte Gond ka halwa, whole wheat flour sweet delicacy with nuts and natural gum- recipe which originates from Phagwara district- a sugar producing belt of Punjab as well as gulabi phirnee, gulab jamun et al, adorned the dessert section of the menu.

Executive Chef Angshuman Chakraborty came to my rescue and promised to send me small portions of some of the special dishes. I was sorted.

The chicken tikka and Macchi Ajwaini tikka arrived. A bite into the succulent chicken tikka and I figured out this was no ordinary fare. The tikkas were well marinated and the flavours of the marinade had enveloped the tikka perfectly. The fresh pieces of  River Sole fish with the right amount of spices that teased my taste buds, was equally a delight. No overdose of ajwain or spices here at all.

tikka platter

Executive Chef Angshuman Chakraborty , Master Chef Rais Alam and his culinary team had surely whipped up an array of authentic, robust and flavourful delicacies, which I was thoroughly relishing.

The dhaniya mirch da kukkad with whole chillies, onion and coriander was a delectable medley for my palate, subtle yet, spicy. It paired well with the laccha paratha, besan ki roti and naan, the chef had sent. The methi matar preparation and the dhaba dal in the main course, got my vote instantly. For a change it was not the usual dal makhni but a tasty mixed dal with interesting spices. And the methi, rustic and appeased my palate.

The Rarah gosht and kukkad pulao looked inviting on the menu, but there was no scope to try more today.

Nothing in the meal was oily or greasy that made one feel uneasy. That’s what set this meal apart.

The aate gond ka halwa was easily one of the best I have ever tasted. The variety of textures- creamy, crunchy, were a delight, as were the flavours and the aroma of fresh ghee. The phirnee too was excellent, but today, paled in comparison.

The ambience and decor of the restaurant was in keeping with the theme and the service was warm, attentive and efficient, yet, unobtrusive, as it should be.

My experience at Baluchi, had actually surpassed my expectations. I was glad I had stepped in to savour such an exceptional meal. I knew for a fact, I was going to be coming to The Lalit Mumbai more often, if this is how Chef Angshuman and his team succeeded in luring food lovers like me.



Flavours of India

One can never go wrong with Indian cuisine. There is so much variety. 180 degrees the all day dining restaurant at Grand Sarovar Premiere is currently hosting a Discover India food festival till September 21 daily for dinner.

Chef Kamlesh and his team have created a versatile menu for each day with a different region’s cuisine each day for the next seven days.

Punjabi cuisine was the theme the first day. And I couldn’t be more glad.

Robust flavours and varied textures were on offer across the buffet menu. So while sarson ka saag n makki di roti were obviously there, so was Amritsari machhi n phirni. Authentic Punjabi flavours characterised each of the dishes. The live station had chefs frying piping hot bhaturas with spicy chole as well as lip smacking dahi bhallas, papdi chaat et al


What’s more, apart from traditional Punjabi fare there were dishes from other parts of India too. Hyderabad’s dum ki machhi was on the table with lucknawi rajma galouti n Maharashtrian usal. There was something for every palate and plenty of vegetarian options too.


The highlight was the soulful badami chicken shorba, phirni and sarson ka saag. The chicken pulao fell short of expectations though.

A must visit for foodies who relish Indian cuisine. I am sure going back for more. Bengali food maybe?

Salt n spice and everything nice….Amritsari Tadka

Kebabs by Amritsari Tadka

There is nothing like Punjabi food- robust, flavoursome and hearty. And add some more tadka  (seasoning) to it and the zing gets even better. And that’s exactly what happened when we sampled a meal at the newly opened Amritsari Tadka, Linking Road, Khar Mumbai.

Being a Punjabi and a foodie myself, none of the dishes were alien to me. In fact being familiar with the original taste and flavours, I was even more excited to try these and rate them. The murg shorba that ere served first s aromatic. The soup was indeed  flavourful and comforting. The Chicken tikkas were spicy, well- marinated, succulent  and had the right texture. We were off to a good start for sure. The fish ajwaini was something I was looking forward to. That too met with my expectations. But I wish they had used some other fish than the oh! so popular Basa. I am not a fan of that bland fish at all. It needs to be boosted with strong flavours of other ingredients.

The keema chicken in the main course disappointed me hugely. I did not relish the idea of both these being combined in the first place and added to that was the excess salt. The dal makhni more than made up for the chicken though. Well cooked, the dal simply melt in our mouths. The Amritsari garlic naan and the pudina(mint) version were crispy and yummy too. Made for a delicious pairing with the piping dal.

Rabdi with kulfi was a good suggestion. The rabdi texture was a tad pasty. But nevertheless we enjoyed its’ creamy taste.


Anil Singh Arora aka Pappi Singh of Only Parathas fame,  has succeeded in opening a fine dine non-vegetarian restaurant serving authentic Punjabi dishes. The menu consists of Amritsari Bheja Masala, Amritsari Gurda Kapuda, Tawa Chop Lahori, Murg Jalandar etc. After scouring the whole of Mumbai city, customers find their way back to Amritsari Tadka for its Murgh Chatni Anardana and Murgh Ludhianvi Kali Mirch which are the some of the special dishes offered only by Amritsari Tadka in Mumbai.

But for those of you, who do not relish Punjabi food or want other options, there are plenty. Chinese food, Continental dishes et al. And lots for vegetarians too. Added to that is the quick and efficient service by polite staff, cheerful family ambience and value-for-money good food.

I love my Punjabi food so am definitely heading back for the asli taste of Punjab!