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Ooh la la …… In Seven(th) heaven

The much-awaited Shangri-La Hotel, Mumbai, located in Lower Parel opened its doors to guests recently. I was lucky to visit the Hotel for their sumptuous Sunday brunch at Seven, the all-day dining restaurant.

Located above the luxury Palladium Mall, the hotel features spacious and well- appointed rooms; CHI, The Spa – a fantastic spa destination; Seven, the all day dining restaurant; Ekayana, which offers an unparalleled selection of classic cocktails, wines and spirits, with a snack menu to suit every palate.

The sheer vast expanse of Seven, struck me, as we entered. Well spread out, the live stations and display counters looked neat and extremely appealing with their spread.

The cold station with vegetarian, non vegetarian delights as well as Charcuterie and Seafood like Crab, Smoked Salmon, Gravlax, Honey roast ham, Ham & Chicken terrine was a haven for any gourmet.

The cream of cauliflower with blue cheese was a treat for the palate and unique in its flavour and taste. Equally delightful was the Laksa with vegetables and condiments. Flavoursome and filling.

Steamed Dim-Sum station at Seven-the all day dining restaurant copy

Always partial to dimsums and sushi, I feasted on both. The spinach dimsum was a pleasant surprise. Chicken dimsums on the contrary turned out to be a wee bit disappointing. The sushi varieties, rendered me speechless.

In the main course, shitake ginger fried rice, was one of the best I have ever had. And one can never go wrong with wok fried prawns in black bean sauce. I love that sauce too much to be able to resist it. There were a lot of Indian dishes too as well as grills, but I skipped those.

The alert staff impressed me, as did the Restaurant Manager and the other F&B service team who painstakingly, explained the buffet spread and served us with a smile on our table.

Buzzing with activity, Seven has a wonderful energy about it and the space and elegant décor, only adds to the charm.

One can savour each morsel at a leisurely pace and do justice to the spread. Actually you can’t. The menu is an exercise in choices. Geoff Simmons, Executive Chef, has done a splendid job. There is something for every palate.

What can one say about the desserts? Sinful indulgence, at its best. Pastries, ice creams, cotton candy, raspberry roulade, pecan tart, apple crumble, mousse, sago pudding. Temptations galore. I settled for the Maracaibo Chocolate Dome, which was decadent. The tiramisu was too full of the mascarpone cheese, thereby other flavours getting subdued.

Pastry Counter at Seven copy

We spent a delightful Sunday afternoon, tantalising our taste buds with different cuisines and exotic flavours. Can’t wait to go back for more.



An Oriental Treat: Mahjong

I had heard so much about Mahjong, Ramee Guestline Khar, but somehow never paid a visit. The excitement was thus doubled, as we entered. A warm welcome by Oscar Mendes the Manager, and we were seated on a nice corner table. The place was obviously popular, as it was buzzing with frenetic activity.

The fresh lime soda sweet, which is such a common drink was made to perfection. Just the way I like it. That immediately gave me a feeling of comfort.

The spicy soya coriander soup with chicken was delicious but strongly reminiscent of a hot n sour soup. The starters were an exercise in choices. The potato chilly mustard was unique. But what bowled me over completely was the crispy lotus root in sanso pepper. Crisp and crunchy, it was outstanding. Among Non vegetarian starters, grilled fish(rawas) in thai stye was good and the dumplings too were delectable. The chicken in soya chilly with bone was a dampner. No bones for me to pick!


The personalised and prompt service of the alert staff was pleasing, but not overbearing. Prawns in chilly coriander sauce in the main course were succulent, and a real treat and paired well with the fried rice. The Veg dan mein noodles were interesting though a trifle sweetish. The shredded Cantonese style chicken too was not the run-of-the-mill stuff. In fact nothing in the menu was.

Cream custard was passable but the darsan was a bit soggy instead of the usual crisp ones. Tasted fine with the dollop of ice cream though. The desserts could be more exciting.

Chef Rana is truly a wizard in creating unique but simple fare. His flavours are subtle yet, pronounced. Oriental food with great taste sans MSG added, speaks volumes for the chef’s ability, as far as I am concerned. A thoroughly enjoyable meal.

Priced @Rs 499 plus taxes, it is shockingly value for money. They have lunch buffets too which are affordably priced. It is a great place to visit with the family or friends. What’s more the menu changes daily, so you will not be treating your palate to the same food. I love Oriental food anyway, so am not grumbling.

A Fishy Affair

Hardcore seafood lovers, we were excited beyond words as we made our way to the leading Seafood Company, Cambay Tiger’s ‘Fisheteria’, India’s only Seafood Quick Service Restaurant, at the Food court,  Infinity Mall, Malad.

The juicy and succulent prawns in the Prawn Torpedo, provided an unmatched gourmet experience. It as a perfect beginning. The crust was fried to perfection. Grilled fish n chips was a let down. The spices were overpowering and drowned the flavours of the fish completely. We were in for a surprise with the Prawn paratha. Delectable with a prawns balchaoish filling, it stole our hearts. A must-try. It is a steal at Rs 80. Trust me you will never head for a chicken roll again.

The quality of the fish and prawns in each dish struck me as outstanding. And the Director, young Shivam Gupta is absolutely clear about that. “No compromise on the quality, we will serve only the best.” he gushes.

The Prawn and Fish burgers too are a treat, especially after the usual Fillet o fish one is used to. A batter fried fish and chips are also on the menu, but it is not the English version. A mouthful of soft fillet envelopes your taste buds, as you bite into it. The crust too is spicy and pairs well with the unusual dips.  Prawn crackers, French fries, fish fingers. You can taste them all.  And if you’re thirsty, there are interesting pomegranate and green apple lemonades too. A lot if imagination has gone into the menu.

It is truly an affordable place and a haven for sea food lovers. Check it out. I can’t wait to go back for more.


Fisheteria also has a presence at Infinity Mall-Andheri, HyperCity-Malad and R Mall-Ghatkopar.

A Dash of Innovation

I can never tire of eating kebabs. I simply love them. But was wondering how new, could kebabs get as I entered MoMo Café, at Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai. Expected to see the same Reshmi, Sheekh and Shammi Kebabs, Paneer Tikkas, on the menu. But I was in for a surprise. Chef Amit Dash, the new Executive Sous Chef at the Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai, ensures that the kebab experience is different and one-of-its-kind. His kebabs are truly innovative.

Murg paan kebab, dahi kebab, prawn spiked with brandy, katori galouti, kebabs made of lotus stems, mushrooms. Wow! And it’s not as if the names were unique only. Each ingredient used was interesting. The kebabs were not doused with a dozen spices, suppressing the flavours of the meats and vegetables. Instead, spices were used sparingly to bring out the flavours. The marination was primarily yoghurt but the spices blend with it gave it a different spin.

The murg paan kebab, chicken blended with betel leaves paste was exotic. A real treat.  The flavours of the prawns were enhanced with the brandy and they simply melt in the mouth. Equally unique was the dahi kebab, although a tad too soft. Nuts had been used innovatively with hung curd in this kebab.  The katori galouti had an interesting katori made of dough laced with spices in which the galouti was placed.  I have never had such a galouti kebab before. The mushrooms were delicious too. Only the paneer was a bit disappointing as the paneer was tough and rubbery in texture.

All the kebabs were not predictably grilled in the tandoor. Chef Dash believes that kebabs can be made using different styles of cooking too as required.  Some were shallow fried, some deep fried and others grilled.

Chef Dash never ceased to surprise us that evening. Each kebab was distinctive.  The kebabs wee a wholesome meal on their own and one really did not need to savour anything else despite the lavish spread on the buffet

Burger Binge : Burgs @ Bandra

A rainy day like today seemed perfect to drop in at Burgs, the new burgers joint in Bandra. Hearty & Wholesome Burgers with milk shakes, sounded tempting enough to make the effort to venture out in this weather.

A warm and amiable young man, Krishna Kilachand greeted us and seated us politely. He took us through the menu, painstakingly explaining the range of burgers and the reasons for their inclusions. Here was a man who was definitely passionate about burgers! The father son duo of  Sanjay & Krishna Kilachand have started Burgs although Krishna is the hands-on person, chatting with customers, answering queries and even taking orders if needed.

The Dijon Chicken burger- Chicken breast grilled to perfection, sautéed in a homemade mustard sauce is what my friend opted for, while, given my soft-corner for seafood, I ordered the Prawn Kracker. The whole wheat bun with the light succulent grilled chicken pieces, was light and delicious. Quite different from the usual burgers one is used to in India. Of course the normal white bread buns are always there too.

But what bowled me over completely was the Prawn Kracker burger. It was tangy and tantalizing. The patty was well fried, with generous amount of prawns in it, replete with seasoning, lemon zest sauce, spices et al. The french fries which one could dip into the Inferno sauce set our palates on fire. Chipotle Mayo was another interesting dip.


For meat lovers, there’s BBQ Lamb – A delicate lamb patty smothered with our special homemade BBQ sauce. Vegetarians do not despair. You don’t have to settle for the usual aloo tikki burger. Try the Aubergine Delite  with delicately spiced brinjal patty, fried to perfect crunchiness, topped with chilly garlic mayo or the Corn Colonel-a grilled patty made of honey spiced corn kernels, topped with a special tangy sauce and homemade relish. Delectable.

The Burnt caramel shake was extraordinary, while the cold coffee was well-made too, but nothing to write home about. Strawberry Slush, Classic Chocolate, Vanilla and Lavender Milkshake, Cola Float Whizz are the other specialty Thick shakes that will have children and adults thronging for more.

A bright, all-white diner with curved corners on just about everything, from the chairs to the walls, gives this restaurant an edgy look that sets it apart from the other fast food joints.

A great place for lunch with friends or even alone. Yummy burgers and refreshing milk shakes.  Not the fast food variety of burgers. Expect gourmet burgers with fresh wholesome ingredients and value-for-money stuff. I am going back for more. Coming?


Can never have enough of it : Goan cuisine

I am married to a Goan, enjoy Goan food at home, can cook loads of Goan dishes myself, yet, can’t have enough of it. Simply love the cuisine. So, I happily trooped off to sample the Goan food festival at Lake View Café at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel last week for dinner. A pity the festival ended last Sunday.

 Have never seen such an interesting use of ingredients like Coconut Milk, Tamarind, Spices, Kokam, as in the festival.  I personally relish sea food, chicken in Goan cuisine, but,  was pleasantly surprised to find that the Mergolho (pumpkin and papaya curry) and the breadfruit curry could be so delicious. Am hooked onto it now.

The soul kadi was a tad too milky. Too much of coconut juice and less kokum. The ambotik with plain steamed rice was a treat, as was the sannas with sorpotel. The chicken cafreal was well made and the succulent pieces of chicken simply melt in  the mouth. The clam chops with mango chilli sauce weere to die for, something which I have never tasted before. Truly unique. Prawn balchao was yummy though I tend to have it as a pickle rather than a starter.

Bebinca (layered caked made with flour and coconut milk), the ultimate Goan favourite dessert, without which any celebration is incomplete, was there. But I am not a great fan of it. Dodol (toffee like sweet made up of rice flour) and Doce (fudge made up of gram flour)  too were on offer but I loved the cashew doce. It was unusual and well made.

A special Feni Muddle bar had been set up at the hotel which was serving exotic Feni cocktails, but I decided to give it a miss. Had a busy working day the next morning.

Chef Danish was there, ever-smiling and ready to serve us with warmth. The highlight of the festival was Jacinta aunty, from Goa who was flown in especially to give authenticity to the masalas, used in Goan food. She did a great job. Her son Michael was assisting her. Apparently aunty goes regularly to the Goa Marriott and Spa too, to grind masalas. She has the midas touch.