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The Unstoppable Pastry Queen

There are a lot of chefs I admire. In fact I respect most of them for being so passionate about their craft and the hard work they put in unflinchingly. But some I deeply respect.

One such young chef with whom I share a good rapport and have followed her work closely from inception is Executive Chef and Partner, La Folie, Sanjana Patel.

Chef Sanjana Patel- La Folie

A creator par excellence, I love her dedication, her focus towards her work and her ability to learn and enjoy what she does. I have always found her to be extremely gifted and a cut above the rest. Not one to hobnob at social do’s or immerse herself networking, she goes about her work with quiet dignity. And her creations bear ample testimony to that.

An alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu, London,  Sanjana has done an apprenticeship with Pierre Hermé. After which, she worked with the likes of Emmanuel Ryon (of the famous Café Pouchkine in Paris) and Jean-Charles Rochoux.

Sanjana Patel returned to Mumbai eager to give the city the best dessert experience ever, using high-quality ingredients and keeping the menu limited and specialised. She started La Folie Pâtisserie in 2014 and changed the way, we Mumbaikars looked at desserts.

Avant garde creations are her forte as are classics. Less is more is clearly her mantra. A Sakura from Japan and the dessert Jardin – a grapefruit & yogurt pavlova, are two offerings which particularly impressed me at the La Folie Lab in Kamala Mills. Both labour-intensive and detailed.

Liege Belgian waffle - Nutella chocolate ganache

After opening La Folie Lab’s latest outpost in Kamala Mills earlier this year, she has now set up La Folie Du Chocolat at Kala Ghoda, a place where it all began. Basically she has reinvented it and presented the patisserie in a new avatar. “This is what I enjoy doing the most, ” she gushes effusively. She gladly delves into the myriad nuances of chocolates as she patiently takes me through her offerings. From Le baba to vegan bonbons and chocolate bars, Sanjana has them all.

Her inventive new menu features an affogato drip bar, a selection of coffees by Koinonia and premium teas by TGL. This tiny and vibrant Parisian Cafe is the perfect place to sip a Cortado and read a book or catch up with friends for a sweet treat.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Sanjana takes customer feedback seriously and is always keen to keep abreast of latest global trends and incorporate new learnings in her work. She painstakingly plunges into R&D, forever yearning to create new things – sometimes healthy alternatives to her desserts at other times indulging in experiments.

But none of all that she has created and achieved, I feel would be possible, if it was not for the rock solid support given to her by her sheat anchor, husband Parthesh. The way he handles the business, their customers, the operations making it all look like a breeze is laudable.

The effervescent and restless Chef Sanjana is simply unstoppable. And that’s what I love about Sanjana, among her many other qualities.



Anjani’s Apron: a patisserie with a difference

I am all for entrepreneurs. And women entrepreneurs? Even better. Was thus very impressed when I learnt that behind the lip-smacking and unique array of desserts at Apron Patisserie, is a talented lady called Anjani Kasliwal.
Anjani has nurtured a passion for baking for as long as she can remember. Taking her hobby to the next level, she founded and started Apron Patisserie on August 4th 2013. Her forte is Eggless and Gelatine free baking. Whew! I thought that was commendable.
What appeals the most to me is the fact that all her desserts are customized and bespoke as per her customer’s needs. She goes all out to please her customers. Anjani has also pursued a cake decoration course  from Le cordon Bleu,London.
Unusual flavours is what excites her. Fresh ingredients including fresh fruits are her favourite and using those, she creates magical cakes and desserts.
I loved her  cup cakes. Dainty and decadent. Poetry on plate. Literally. Rose and pistachio, Boston cream pie, chocolate with mint, black tea and honey, were some of the exciting flavours I tried. Absolutely unusual and of a very superior quality. But Rs 600 for 12 mini cup cakes I thought was a bit steep.
Her tea cakes are equally exciting. Carrot and cinnamon was particularly delicious. Light and fluffy. Baked to perfection. Very moist, just the way I love my cakes. Am keen to try the lemon and basil next time. Kids will love the cookies and cream cake.
The chocolate mousse did not match my expectations. Loved the container in which it was served though. Although the texture was smooth and perfect, I found it cloyingly sweet, which marred the experience for me. The quality of chocolate used was undoubtedly outstanding.
What do I say about the Dessert in a jar? Mouth-watering and a total eye-candy. Well-presented, these are not only sinful but value for money too. Vanilla with custard and fresh strawberries is to die for. I am frankly done with Red Velvet, but that is there too.
She has brownies too- fudge, ferrero rocher, mint and fudge and many more. Of course Anjani does a variety of cakes on order too for birthdays, anniversaries and even corporates. Her presentation is classy, as are her choice of ingredients.
Based out of Breach candy in South Mumbai, Anjani takes orders from across Mumbai. So the next time you are craving exotic desserts and cakes, reach out for Anjani’s Apron Patisserie.
Rating : 3.5/5