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Delectable Asian Journey for the Tastebuds

Pan-Asian food is my all-time favourite. And a no- frill sans fuss QSR was just what I needed. Asia on My Plate (AOMP) at Bandra Reclamation, in the western suburbs of Mumbai is a haven for food lovers. There is another outlet at Lowe Parel too.

A concept food-chain by Kashind Group, AOMP is India’s very first quick service Pan Asian restaurant in town. AOMP founders Muizz Khan and Nirbhik Trehan, told me,Although, Asian concepts have long been full-service restaurants, itwas high time that the concept of QSR for our favorite Pan Asian cuisine be introduced to India at an affordable price, without compromising on health and taste.”

Ganesh, very courteously assisted us, as we entered and acquainted us with the menu for the day. We settled for the lemon coriander chicken soup. I was expecting a watery, clear soup, but what was served was a delicious thick flavoured broth with chunks of chicken. Nice and tangy, it added the right zing to our palate.

Succulent, fattened, juicy, chicken steamed momos came next. The filling was yummy. The covering perfect, unlike what is commonly served in many places. Full marks. I was only concerned about the value for money bit. 4 pieces for Rs 175 seemed a tad expensive to me.


The main course of noodles with chicken in a luscious sauce surpassed my expectations. The sauce was unusual and flavoursome. The orange Malaysian curry was well-made and paired well with steamed white rice. Scrumptious,  and filling. The dessert, a chocolate mousse sourced from outside was lacklustre and disappointing.


The food chain serves ready to take away Asian Cuisine prepared by exclusive master chefs who have their experiences in various Asian Countries, hence be it your special spicy thai chicken salad LAPKAI, or Japanese veg tempura. The menu includes interesting range of combos, starters, main course and deserts along with Asian-inspired fast food salads. Not surprising at all, considering, popular Chef Nilesh Limaye, is at the helm.

If you are hard-pressed for time and want a quick, yet, satisfying meal, AOMP is the place. The added attraction is that all the dishes served are green in nature which means they are chemical and preservative free. Even Ajinomoto or MSG is strictly avoided hence it bypasses your regular Chinese fast food by miles. Kudos! I like that.


Auriga: A winning combination

Modern Pan Asian cuisine is what I expected to savour, as I stepped into the newly opened lounge-restaurant, Auriga, near Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. The elegant and chic décor bowled me over completely. The menu and the ambience both clearly are an amalgamation of Asia and the West.

Chef Nilesh Limaye’s contemporary Pan Asian menu for Auriga intrigued me at first glance. Innovative and unique, it was. There is something for every palate. The health-conscious can safely indulge themselves in steamed Baby corn and mushroom Siu Mai, Green Leafy Rolls, Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot Tapioca Dumpling and much more. For those of us who are not counting their calories, there is a lot to choose from. Cigarillos filled with Asian Spiced Broccoli and Water Chestnut or Edamame and Exotic Vegetables in Orange Ponzu Sauce are just some of the unique dishes.

Normal is boring, is clearly the mantra here. The flavours in each dish that we sampled were subtle yet, robust. It was heartening to hear that the sauces were all made in house without any MSG or artificial colours. Kudos. The fresh flavours and crunchiness of herbs made the food even more palate pleasing.

The vegetarian section is an exercise in choices. What’s more there is a separate kitchen for vegetarian food!

If one is in a hurry to grab a quick bite at lunch, there is a fairly exhaustive Meal in the bowl section. Khao Suey and Yellow Noodle with Tomatoes and Crispy Okra, are some of your interesting options.

Apart from some interesting Jasmine teas infused with exotic flavours, there are desserts galore. Chocolate and Mint Samosas, I thought were exceptional. Banana Strawberry Melt and Passionfruit Cheesecake are some others that are a must-try.

Kritika Nagpal’s maiden venture after several years in the hospitality industry, Auriga aka charioteer in Latin, is all set to redefine Mumbai’s lifestyle experience and lead the way.  The service is quite good, from start to finish, with prompt responses, the food lip-smacking and the ambience caters to the youngsters, as well as family crowd. A winning formula all the way!