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Taste Plus Health = Cafe Pishu’s

The discerning diner today wants to eat healthy stuff, yet enjoy, what he eats. Healthy food is no longer tasteless and bland. Sounds quizzical? Not really so, if you have eateries like Pishu’s in Mumbai.

Located in bustling Andheri West, Pishu’s is a health-conscious person as well as a foodie’s delight. A cafe with a modest ambience, it offers 100+ variants of juices. Not just that, the café also has a well-crafted food menu including pizzas (made out of whole wheat lavash base), whole wheat pasta, many variants of sandwiches, brown rice, hot organic salads and many more such options. In short, there is something for every palate.

The fat burner I sipped first was a pleasant surprise. Made of dudhi(bottle gourd), pineapple, tomato, mint & ginger, it was delicious, unlike the perception one has of health drinks.  The Pizza exotica with a dash of cheese on a lavash base was fresh and crisp with a great balance of flavours and textures. Distinctly light. The garlic added the right amount of zing to it.

Lavash Pizza Burnt Garlic

Although the organic salad lived upto its promise of being healthy, with no oil and had exotic veggies,  it was not flavoursome and a wee bit dry. Not something I would like to repeat often. The brown rice with green sauce was tantalizing for the taste buds with spinach, herbs and spices et al. It comes with two other sauce variations too. The dessert I thought was really innovative. Oats with fresh fruits like kiwis, bananas, figs and more.

Pishu’s has an interesting blend of juices and shakes which are quite unusual apart from being healthy. What’s more, each dish has the calorie count specified. The menu is far from limited and by no means boring.

Monish Rohera, the owner, is a health and fitness freak himself and being a Dadar Catering college graduate, understands food well. He has painstakingly created the menu and tries to incorporate healthy elements in it. The ingredients used are seasonal, fresh and wholesome.

For those of you, who are not counting your calories, there are brownie shakes and cheese burnt garlic sandwiches too. so get healthy this season. And with Pishu’s flavourful spread, it is not a bad idea at all.