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Fun, Fusion and Fashionably Simple

Goan food is something every gourmet dreams of. Chicken Cafreal is the quintessential favourite of every Goan when it comes to a non-seafood or meat dish. Although a rare occurrence. Perhaps one of the best known chicken dishes in Goan cuisine, apart from Xacuti. In fact, any food lover enjoys this dry, spicy and mouth-watering preparation as a side dish.

Naturally then, even though this is something fairly regular in our Goan household, I was curious and excited to try the Haute Chef version of the Chicken Cafreal.

Haute Chef is a unique “meal kit” concept, built around incredible cooking experiences. They send a box of pre-measured, labeled ingredients along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, to put together a truly gourmet dish in your home kitchen. No hassles of planning, shopping, measuring. It couldn’t get any simpler, trust me.


Whew! I decided to give their Chicken Cafreal a shot. Of course I knew how to prepare it, but their recipe was interesting and I loved the way they suggested we serve it with veggies and the akhrot or walnut dip, instead of a basic salad we often eat with.

Curated by chefs trained at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), the recipes are simple enough keeping novice cooks in mind.

Ratatouille Makhni

The ingredients struck me as fresh and of an outstanding quality. The recipe and instructions too, were easy to comprehend.

The green marinade, I must confess, was quite different from the one we make at home and are used to. We add lime juice or Goan vinegar in our green marinade masala. This one was more like a spicy coriander and mint chutney. But produced delicious results nevertheless.

Also, our first marinade is generally not just salt and lime, as mentioned in this recipe, but a garlic ginger paste too.

I followed the recipe, faithfully and yes, was rewarded with a flavoursome, spicy Chicken Cafreal, in 35 minutes. I relished it with the veg crudites and akhrot aioli. This one was fairly different from the cafreal I am used to. And that is what made it so unique. That little twist, I guess, was needed.

Chicken Cafreal with Veg Crudites and Akhrot Aioli Haute Chef 1


The Haute Chef boxes come well-packed with fresh ingredients, simple instructions and the meals are definitely a value for money. What’s more, you are elated as you have made it all by yourself.

Batti ka chop with pineapple chutney and gur imli chutney, Amritsari masala paneer with tajini raita, sarson ka saag ki tikki with makki salsa, are some of their other avant garde offerings which are enticing me. Fusion and fun stuff. I like it. Waiting to try some more for sure.

Rating : 3.5/5




Easy cook, Easy Eat

A plethora of ready to cook meal boxes, replete with ingredients have inundated the market. People who love to cook but don’t have the time to labour over it or  those who don’t want to order food from outside,  or beginners in cooking, have a lot to choose from. Truly.


I love to cook and when I don’t want to, I simply order a takeaway or eat out, so never really felt the need for such a box with pre-portioned ingredients, but finally gave in and decided to try Built2cook.

In 90 mins the pre-portioned ingredients for my Chicken Stroganoff in  a box arrived at my doorstep. The  recipe had been carefully crafted by 5 star chefs and  tested, so I had nothing to worry.


I got going with my utensils as the ingredients – chicken, cream, demi glaze, sauces, vegetables,  oil, herb rice, etc  were all neatly packed amd labelled. I could see, these were sourced from quality sources.

In minutes, following the easy-to-follow recipe with simple instructions along with pictures, my Chicken Stroganoff was ready. Incredible. What’s more, at Rs 250, I had before me a dish, which I normally relish in fancy places at almost double the price.


The creamy texture, crunchy veggies, succulent pieces of chicken, simply melt in my mouth and the accompanying herb rice was an ideal match for it. The meal was an extremely satisfying one.


What is nice is that Built2Cook has about 12 recipes and there is a weekly rotation.  So one never gets bored. The shelf life of the product is 24 hours since there aren’t any added preservatives. Built2Cook has been operational for four months in Hyderabad and has recently launched in Mumbai, currently delivering between Andheri and Malad. I am blessed.


Although I know I am not going to be needing this too often, it is comforting to know, something like  Built2cook exists. Good quality, easy to prepare dishes, completely hassle free and the end result: delicious, affordable food.