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Chocolates, Twice Over

This has been a sweet week. Well, quite literally. Chocolates galore for me. No,  unfortunately relatives did not come visiting and bring me chocolates. It was work that took me closer to chocolates and am not complaining.

Mondelez  India Foods Pvt Limited, launched  Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations just ahead of the festive season. The entire launch event was in tandem with the spirit of this product- fun and playful.

Available in two flavours, Jelly Popping Candy and Cookie Nut Crunch, kids are going to love it, as are adults like me. It is every chocolate lover’s delight. The packaging is so alluring that it compels you to pick up one. Irresistible.

Mondelez India introduces Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations. Prashant Peres - Director - Marketing (Chocolates) Mondelez India launching the product (2)

It is quite different from the previous Cadbury Dairy Milk range, I assure you. With a quirky looking block and curiously shaped pieces of varying sizes made specifically for sharing, this chocolate spells a lot of fun for families and friends. The rounded pieces roll off the roof of your mouth, the chocolate melting away to leave the key ingredients to explode, as the contrasting sensations play off. The jelly beanies, gems and popping candy all infused in delightfully shaped bar, is what sets it apart.


Prashant Peres, Director – Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelez India,  told me “We are delighted to introduce global innovation like Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations in India. Indian consumers now demand unique formats and eat experiences and given our global leadership in chocolate, we are well positioned to identify and bring some of our world leading brands to India. Our objective is to bring fun and excitement into the way Indians enjoy their favorite chocolate. The product combines exciting inclusions like gems, jelly and popping candy in an indulgent bar of milk chocolate that literally explodes in your mouth with every unpredictably delicious bite.”

As if I had not gorged enough on the Marvellous Creations, that Barry Callebaut Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products,  decided to indulge me further.

It was the opening of their new, relocated Callebaut CHOCOLATE ACADEMY Center office in  Andheri East, Mumbai.

Barry Callebaut celebrates the opening of its new relocated Callleabut Chocolate Academy center in Mumbai  (4)

Oh what a sight to behold it was. State of the art equipment for chefs and culinary professionals to experiment, create and innovate with the most comprehensive and diverse selection of high-quality global gourmet chocolate products. The CALLEBAUT CHOCOLATE ACADEMY center in Mumbai is one of the company’s 19th chocolate training centers in the world and one of four in Asia Pacific.
“Callebaut is proud to have been a part of the chef’s community for over 10 years and we owe our customers in India for helping us build our business. We want to provide locals and visitors with the best chocolate making experience we can and we look forward to serving them even better in this state-of-the-art CHOCOLATE ACADEMY center and sales office,” said Dhruv Bhatia, Barry Callebaut’s Managing Director, India.
Barry Callebaut celebrates the opening of its new relocated Callleabut Chocolate Academy center in Mumbai  (1)
Chef Mane and Chef Ghosh demonstrated choux pastry and a white chocolate mousse using the Callebaut range. One can sure do wonders with this superior quality chocolate. They made it look so simple and effortless.
Barry Callebaut celebrates the opening of its new relocated Callleabut Chocolate Academy center in Mumbai  (6)
Amidst hot chocolate shots and a variety of decadent Callebaut chocolates, which simply melt in the mouth, the afternoon just flew.
The center’s offerings include a wide range of workshops, courses and demonstrations for professional customers in all sectors: chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers and other chocolate experts as well as culinary professionals working in hotels, restaurants and the catering business.
Barry Callebaut celebrates the opening of its new relocated Callleabut Chocolate Academy center in Mumbai  (21)
With budding chefs being able to learn more from the experts and experienced chefs being able to experiment with new creations using Callebaut’s wide inventory of high quality gourmet chocolate and cocoa products, this center is certainly going to be a sought-after haven for  professionals and enthusiasts working with chocolate.
Cheers! to chocolate and innovation.

A Haven of Fresh Food and Feisty Flavours: Pebbles by Juhu Residency

Pebbles by Juhu Residency strangely has been a restaurant I have never frequented although it is located really close to where I live. I decided to remedy this last night. It is best known for its Indian char grilled, coastal & Pan Asian cuisine.. Inspired by the original recipes of India, Thailand and provincial China, it has an  exclusive seafood menu that ensures that every catch is treated individually, blended with particular spices and herbs and cooked in a manner to retain its natural flavor.

An entry into this fine dining restaurant on Link Road Andheri West was a surprise. Teeming with families on a Sunday night, the understated elegant decor and vibrant ambience energized me. Seated comfortably in a corner table, I explored the varied menu. Sea food across all cuisines was clearly their forte. But so were other vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in Pan Asian, Coastal and Indian cuisines.

Vietanamese Sour & Pepper Soup @ PEBBLES

Spicy crab meat soup was recommended to us and proved to be the perfect choice in the current weather. Comforting and soulful, we lapped up this broth. There were generous amounts of crab meat in the soup. Steamed dim sums arrived next. Fish, prawns and crab meat were on our platter. Well steamed, light and with a succulent filling. The accompanying dips were equally interesting and added the right zing to our taste buds.

The tawa fry pomfret was a wake up call for our palate. The spice tantalized our taste buds and we relished the fresh, melt in the mouth fish, fried to perfection.

Fish Cutlet @ PEBBLES

Appams and chicken sukha along with Manglorean fish curry(Rawas) is what we opted for as main course. Could not have been a better combination. The appams were light and fluffy, albeit filling. The chicken was lip-smacking although rich in coconut, typical of the coastal region. The highlight was the tangy fish curry, with the right blend of spice and flavour. It paired well with the appams and we did not miss rice.

Our palate was pleased beyond words. However desserts were inviting enough. Caramel custard is what we settled for. Rich and creamy, it was well set and had the right consistency and sweetness. Full marks to this one too.

The service is good, efficient and unobtrusive. The staff is pleasant, well-informed and articulate. Overall the dining experience turned out to be better than I had imagined. The food is of high quality, with fresh ingredients, and only the best is served. The pricing at first glance may seem a little steep, but given the quality and the portion size, it is value for money all the way.

If you are a gourmet who has discerning taste buds and wants to settle for nothing but the best, head to this restaurant. I am going back soon, for the extraordinary buffet lunch this time.