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Pizza Express-ions

American pizza has never appealed to me. Yes, we have all grown up eating a slice of thick, spongy pizza, with toppings, but ever since I tasted the real Italian pizza, my palate only craves for that. Not surprising therefore, that I have been waiting for Pizza Express, the pizza chain renowned worldwide for its authentic Italian taste. It’s another thing that it makes me nostalgic about London too !

PizzaExpress has positioned itself as a casual dining restaurant. Its outlets have a live kitchen where customers can watch the making of a pizza live, interact with their chefs and spend hours over slices of pizza. I did just that, last weekend.

The Andheri West outlet, was buzzing with people that night. Families were busy dining and of course enjoying the Pizza and pastas.

Comfortably seated, we placed our order and soon, our Bosco salad arrived. Hearty portions as always. The salad was fresh and robust. Roasted tomatoes, spinach, rocket, and more. It was delicious. The right amount of crunch and zing. I simply loved it.

Four Seasons, the classic pizza arrived. Mushrooms, pepperoni, anchovies and olives and capers. Whew! An interesting quartet! The contrast of the four was interesting as the palate was subjected to a treat. Only found the anchovies a wee bit salty.


Pollo Ad Astra_PizzaExpress

Polo Ad Astra came next. The thin crust was so reminiscent of the perfect Italian pizza. The grilled chicken had an unusual flavour and the sweet peppers, Cajun spices et al only further enhanced the taste. Outstanding.

La Reine with ham, mushrooms, olives and mozzarella I thought would be the best, but alas it was not. It lived up to my expectations but did not surpass them. Lacked the punch somehow.  The Cipolla Caramellata more than made up for all. The sweet flavour of caramelised onions teased my palate enough to be able to enjoy the taste and texture of walnuts, artichokes and mozzarella.

The ingredients used are authentic and of extra ordinary quality. True to the core. The service, despite the heavy rush was flawless.

The menu did not have any beef offerings and had clearly more vegetarian and spicy varieties to appeal to the Indian palette.  Even chilli flakes are never there in the London outlets I have been to.

We decided to skip pastas and desserts for a change. The menu offers several options though. The pizzas had satiated us enough. With outlets in Colaba, BKC and Andheri West, Pizza Express has a fairly good reach and given the quality of their food and service, they are bound to cause discomfort among other Pizza chains.