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Dealing With Diabetes

With the alarming proportions, diabetes is assuming across the world and especially India, it is indeed heartening to see the husband wife duo, Seema and Manoj Pinto, proactively share their experience to inspire people to cope with diabetes through healthy eating and the Diabetic Food Trail is a positive step in that direction.

The Diabetic Food Trail 2016 is all set,  to begin on November 12. The aim is to offer Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics and Health conscious individuals, a wonderful culinary experience at over 200 restaurants across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore & Pune, where Celebrated chefs from acclaimed restaurants across the country will get a chance to showcase their culinary talents to an all new set of target audience that did not have many options for healthy and diabetic food earlier.


I was fortunate to have experienced this in Mumbai at Meluha-The Fern Hotel in Powai, where, Executive Chef Parimal Sawant, along with his team demonstrated several recipes including a salad, soup, main course and dessert which are healthy and suitable for diabetics. The demos were fun and interactive, with Seema constantly asking chef pertinent questions and the chef sharing helpful tips.


Apart from being simple recipes, what appealed to me was that the ingredients were ones which could be easily procured as opposed to exotic ones usually suggested. The chefs at Meluha-The Fern exhibited a great deal of innovation in crafting those recipes.

Furthermore, I was glad to know that the Diabetic Food Trail will also introduce a special Healthy Dessert Trail which will allow diabetic patrons to sinfully indulge in  their guilty pleasures-desserts as these desserts,  do not contain any processed sugars.


Seema Pinto – Director, Semora Entertainment Works and the brain behind this initiative says, “The focus of the second edition is on Diet and Fitness in effective Diabetes management. For a person with diabetes, eating nutritious and well-balanced meals with a regular fitness routine is vital in managing diabetes. This applies to pre-diabetics and the health conscious too”

The aim of this masterclass is to help individuals understand the ingredients, nutritional values, read packaging labels, learn exciting recipes which will help elevate the eating habits of diabetics without compromising on taste. These masterclasses will be held by renowned nutritionists and chefs across the 5 cities.


Some of the participating restaurants include Sassy Spoon,  Zaffran, Copper Chimney, Lemon Leaf, Boveda, Fern Hotels, Renaissance-Powai,  Woodside Inn, Mirchi & Mime, Smoke House Deli, Faasos, to name a few.

That’s not all, Seema has put together some well-researched  recipes in a small book which can benefit diabetics a great deal, which you can enjoy cooking too.

So eat healthy and stay fit and yes, diabetes can be controlled with eating right, apart from exercise.



Mumbai’s Khana Khazana

I am a compulsive foodie. But then most Mumbaikars are. We love our food and are always on the lookout for new and exciting eating places. I am always excited about embarking on a new culinary journey. While new restaurants keep opening and people throng to these, there are some which have been around for a while and are wellknown because of the food experience they offer. These are some of my favourites. The list is long actually, but a few top of the mind.I am sure you love them as well !

It is a part of the culinary ethos of Mumbai. Every visitor to Mumbai wants to experience Leopold Cafe and more so after 26/11. Every evening is busy at this multi-cuisine café, where people are seen guzzling draught beer and munching sandwiches or enjoying a Chicken Stroganoff or Fried Fish n chips. The “beer tower” which constitutes two pitchers is hugely popular. I also enjoy their breakfast immensely although it is a huge effort to go there on a Sunday morning.

A legendary name amongst the gourmands, Sampan brings back to Mumbai the true flavours of the Orient. It reopened in 2009. The bespoke view of JuhuBeach that this restaurant offers, makes it special. I love their Cantonese food. They also serve several spicy Sichuan dishes – a style of Chinese cuisine originating in southwestern China, famed for bold flavours, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn. Chef Penpa’s cooking is the ultimate treat. Their dimsums are delectable as is the Sampan Chicken & Sesame Prawns Toast. But a must try here is the steamed clay pot rice.

If I am in town, I have to stop by at Café Samovar, JehangirArtGallery, Kala Ghoda. The place is abuzz with excitement at all times and the visitors are an eclectic mix. A quick lunch of home-cooked food, or a leisurely chat over tea and keema samosas. The options are many. Their Mutton Biryani, samosas, iced tea, Kathi rolls, Russian salad, are a class apart and the quality remains excellent even after so many years.

Oh! Calcutta may not be a very old restaurant in terms of the number of years of its existence but has definitely made its impact. Food lovers enjoy the food here and I am no exception. The Tardeo one is great but I prefer the express one closer home in Shastri Nagar Andheri West. The fish preparations, kosha mangsho(mutton), luchi, aloo dum, cholar daal are my all time favourites and absolutely authentic. Each time I feel nostalgic and crave for my comfort Bengali food, I head to this place.

I have a weakness for sea food and although Mumbai abounds in sea food restaurants, Pratap Lunch Home in Fort has always been special. The food is fresh and the preparations authentic. I have been going there for years now but they have never disappointed me. The Surmai tawa fry is delectable. Can’t have enough of it. The Mutton Pulao too is a must-have. Those fond of squids should try the squid chiily fry. The fish is fried to perfection and the masalas are as authentic as they can get. The food here is truly a treat for the taste-buds and worth going all the way to town.