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A Corn-y affair!

Who doesn’t enjoy a garam bhutta well roasted on a rainy day? with a lot of lime squeezed on it and salt to taste, it perks up your taste buds.  Many hotels offer bhutts during the rainy season in their menus so you can enjoy a hygienic version. But frankly  I love it in the rains from a roadside vendor. While roasted corn or steamed corn with masala and lime have gained popularity, corn is a versatile ingredient. There ‘s so much you can do with it in your kitchen.

My personal favourite of course is makai ki roti made from maize flour. Nothing to beat that with sarson ka saag in winter. More so beacuse am a Punjabi and have grown up eating that. A dollop of home made butter on the saag and voila! you are in heaven.

I once sampled a delicious corn shorba in Delhi at a friend’s place. Was truly unique. Thick and creamy. Extremely nutritious too. Ofocurse there are endless vegetarian preparations like corn palak, corn mushrooms, corn bharta that one can prepare. But corn is not limited to Indian cuisine only.

Spicy corn fritters are hugely popular in Thailand. Paired with an interesting dip, these make a tasty snack. Thai corn cakes are also an interesting option.

Chef Sudhir Pai of Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport has unleashed his creativity and has taken corn to the next level. Celebrating a corn festival till July 17,  with lip-smacking corn delicacies. European Polenta crusted chicken, Rajasthani Makai ka Soweta and much more at Sapatami, the all day dining restaurant, he ensures you will sample corn as never-before. So check it out.