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My Saturday was ‘Reserved’

This winery has been eluding me for a while now. I have somehow never been able to make this trip, despite several invitations from the generous Abhay Kewadkar, of Four Seasons Wines.

Persuasion or luck, or a combination of both and I found myself heading to Baramati, to experience the launch of Four Seasons Vintner’s Reserve last Saturday.

The journey, was long and somewhat tiring, but it was all worth it. As the car rolled into the winery, I was spellbound at the spectacle before my eyes – A palatial French styled chateau.

The atmosphere  was redolent with an air of informality, as the long table by the poolside was set for the launch of the highly anticipated 2011 signature wine, the Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels.

The Four Seasons Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels is a magnificent limited edition wine that is an iconic expression of style, having been conceptualized in their vineyards, and made to mature in seasoned oak barrels.

The Vintner’s Reserve red wine is an intricate assemblage of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties grown in the Sahyadri valley, meticulously nurtured and aged over two years in barrels, followed by further aging in bottles for two years.

“The Four Seasons Vintner’s Reserve is a wine that is very dear to my heart, a wine crafted with care and artistry, and combining the highest quality with an aura of exclusivity. This limited release red wine is a one-of-a-kind, beautifully layered, complex wine, brimming with rich notes of autumn black fruits as top notes, and underlying notes of spice. It is an outstanding wine that will impress you with its rich color and deep aromas,” said Abhay Kewadkar, Chief Winemaker and Director.

It was not as if we were only going to witness the launch of the wine. A carefully curated menu by Chef Sachin Joshi of Vivanta by Taj, Pune had been put together. Each course, had dishes with grapes integrated in them, in some form.


The Greek salad with local grapes and chia, was what we started our meal with. The light sunny yellow, Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc was paired with it. This zesty and refreshing wine complimented the citrusy flavours of the salad.

My Fish Veronique was a delight for the palate. The experience was further enhanced as we sipped the Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels 2011 with it. Selective ageing has given deep intensity, depth, clarity, and variety of flavor to this wine.


With the Baked grape and Philadelphia Cheesecake came the  Four Seasons Sparkling Rose Brut. There could not have been a better pairing.  With layered aromas and floral notes on the nose and palate, this was truly a match made in heaven.

Amidst a lot of glasses of wines, conversations and food, the hours just flew and it was time to rush back to Mumbai as the clock struck 3 !

Warm hospitality, extended by Abhay himself and his team, made the few hours spent there, worth it and I was glad to have made the journey to Baramati. But of course I need to go back again!















Tantalizingly Tandoori! MUCB’s new menu

Was quite intrigued when I heard that Manchester United Café Bar has reinvented their popular menu with the addition of several mouth-watering dishes and a new appearance. That apart, what really caught my fancy was that they had introduced a whole new tandoor Indian menu currently at the Malad outlet only. Wow! That was up my sleeve.

The foodie in me could not resist trying it out so I decided to embark upon yet another culinary journey. The tandoor menu includes a delicious spread of exquisite Kebabs.  We decided to sample the platter with a variety of kebabs. Murg Multani, fish ajwain tikka, mutton seekh kebab, chicken tikka, it had them all. Chicken kalimiri and tikka were good but the winner was clearly the mutton seekh. The fish ajwain tikka was acutely disappointing as the texture of the fish was rubbery and tough. The strong ajwain aroma and flavour that ought to be there, was missing. Most of the kebabs were a tad wettish, giving a feeling of being semi -cooked and the crisp, robust flavours normally present in a kebab were absent. Other options on the menu are Paneer Ale’, ‘Dhingri Bhara Kebab’, ‘Galauti Kebab’ and many more.

As always, Minal, the young lady serving us, was impeccable. Alert , well-informed and helpful. Trusting her, we let  her decide our mocktails and she did a great job. The kiwi n khus mocktail was extremely refreshing.

The Thai curry (Red)  and steamed rice in the main course was delicious, with the typical aromatic Oriental flavours. I opted for Goan prawns curry and rice. Well- presented, the dish was tasty but nothing remotely close to the authentic Goan curry. It was more like a Chettinad/ Kerala style prawns curry replete with curry patta and red chillies. Also the gravy was too thick and had less of coconut in it. But palate- tickling nevertheless. I throughly enjoyed it as it was in a new avatar, quite different from what we Goans, make at home.

We were recommended the Orange cheesecake, for dessert. It simply melt in our mouth and took me by complete surprise, considering I am not a great fan of the orange flavour. Pizzokie, a pizza in choco chip cookie dough with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce is another must-try.

The new main menu too has some great offerings, but we decided to skip that in favour of the tandoor menu.

An enjoyable afternoon. Great service, lovely ambience but the Indian food can definitely be better. But yes, one knows, MUCB is not supposed to be an Indian speciality restaurant. So just enjoy!