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Soulful Soups

Ah! there is something about soups in this weather that is so comforting. If made with the right ingredients and spices, these can be nourishing as well as healthy too. Nothing like a steaming bowl or mug of soup especially for dinner. In fact, on most days I prefer just that.

Goan, Bokdiacho caldo (mutton soup) made from mutton bones, onion, ginger, garlic, turmeric, coriander leaves and dices of potato, salt and pepper, is my all-time favourite. It is filling and boosts my immunity too. Caldo Verde with potatoes as the base is also a light and flavourful vegetarian soup of Portuguese origin.


Being from Kolkata, I am used to relishing a spicy Thukpa, a Tibetan soup made with mixed vegetables, mixed meats and noodles  when the mercury dips. There is something for every palate in global cuisines too. Mulligatawny, Tom Kha, Tom Yum, Miso soup, Lobster bisque. My mouth is watering now.

Be imaginative and play around with flavours and textures. Be experimental. And global soups are not your only options. A plethora of soups from our very own Indian cuisine are a delight in this weather. Soups made from dals or lentils, paya soup, tamatar ka shorba or even a murg shorba. The options are endless.


Don’t forget to add seasonal veggies in your soups wherever possible for that extra health quotient. Pumpkin, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, work wonders. And yes, the right spices to for additional warmth and immunity.

Cinnamon works wonders, as do ginger and garlic. I love to add these in my soups where ever possible.

If the soup alone is insufficient, pair it with garlic bread, toast or add macaroni to your soups or even red rice, to make it more sumptuous.

There is nothing like a well-made soup, it is soulful and comforting in winter, keeping winter blues at bay.




Bring on the Bagels: Bagelwala

Bandra has always had some of the best eateries in Mumbai and the addition of Bagelwala has enhanced the dining pleasure of gourmets. Behind Tarun Tahiliani’s outlet off Turner Road Bandra lies Bagelwala, a cosy, casual, sit-in café and diner that specializes in fresh, hand-rolled, ‘authentic New York style’ bagels.


Must confess had the real bagels after really long, as I bit into my Smoked Herb chicken bagel. Warm, of the right consistency, the luscious bagel with the filling, just melt in my mouth. They have been relentlessly experimenting for months to get their bagels right. The tangy sundried tomato chicken bagel that we tried, was equally a delight. The banana walnut cake slice was yummy and so reminiscent of home-made simple cakes. The home made lemonade was fresh. Only the Cappuccino was disappointing. Milky, sans any coffee taste. That could do much better. 

There’s exotic stuff for vegetarians too. Avocado, spinach, et all and of course a great pick of cold cut bagels including Turkey.

A bagel is a bread product, traditionally rolled by hand into the form of a ring. It is customarily topped with poppy or sesame seeds and served with cream cheese. A bit like our Kankon from Goa?

At Bagelwala, the bagels are fresh and hand-rolled. What’s more, they make their very own cream cheeses (plain and flavoured) and accompanying sauces! Bagelwala serves breakfast too and does a home delivery of 13 bagels and 250 gms of cream cheese for Rs 900 anywhere in Mumbai. But yes, am not sure if the Bagels are value- for-money, as one bagel is not too  filling. Or maybe it’s the original stuff that one is paying a premium for?

There is self service so you cannot expect anyone to wait upon you. The bagels are good and the place cute and warm. Definitely worth checking out.