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Hop along for some Hoppers

Sri Lanka’s bowl shaped pancake- light, fluffy and delicious, is my new favourite. Quite similar to appams, hoppers are made with naturally fermented rice flour. They can be eaten sweet or savoury. A staple found primarily on every table in a Sri Lankan home.Of course, I first sampled it years ago when I went to Sri Lanka, and several time later at food festivals or five star hotels, but the novelty has not worn off. In fact, I am in love with these with renewed vigour. I prefer savoury ones any day.

Naturally then, I hopped over to Madeira and Mime, a new restaurant (opened 5 months ago) in Powai to sample some great hoppers. Known for their great food and drinks, I was sure I would get good ones here.And right I was!

The doughy centre and crisp edges with a filling in the centre, are enticing. And that’s exactly what was served to me here, one Hopper with chicken sukka and the other paneer makhani. There was a mutton version too, which I decided to skip.


The highlight for me was the accompanying coconut pickle- spicy, well seasoned and with a great bite to it.

The hoppers were well-made, just the way they should be and the generous chicken sukka with an egg at the base made it even more delicious.The flavours of the chicken were lip-smacking and comforting. No spice was over powering and the pieces of chicken were succulent and well-meshed with the gravy. One could just roll it and bite into it effortlessly. The paneer makhani one which is obviously a twist in terms of the filling, was not so exciting, in comparison, but tasty nevertheless.

Made of rice flour and coconut milk, hopppers are light and pair well with just about anything. The slight sour flavour and a medley of textures is what sets these apart. Made in a special pan or appachatti, these are quite easy to make as well and quick too, but yes require a special skill.

Madeira and Mime is every bit your neighborhood bar offering unique drinks and delectable food along with great service by their always-smiling staff. I too left the palce smiling after having savoured palate-pleasing hoppers.


Spicy Trail : Kerala Cafe

I relish Coastal food. Goan cuisine occupies a pride of place in my favourite cuisines, but I enjoy food from Kerala as well. Not surprising therefore, when I heard of Kerala Café a new eatery in Malad on Link Road, I decided to check it out.

And what a delight the food was. The Chicken Pepper we settled for had a nice, tangy gravy, replete with tamarind and pepper. The pieces of chicken, albeit small, were well-fried and delicious. The chicken however should have been boneless ideally. There were far too many bones to deal with and was pretty irksome by the end of it. Freshly made hot, fluffy appams were a perfect match to the chicken preparation. Mutton ginger, with succulent, fleshy pieces of mutton had a robust, spicy flavour. The aromatic fish biryani with Surmai was a treat. The fish was fried to perfection and the masala in the flavoured rice added the right tinge of spice to the biryani. The other Biryani options were chicken, mutton and egg.


On weekdays, for lunch, Kerala Café offers a fish thali, which is immensely popular. On weekends it is only a vegetarian thali though. The Vegetarian section  in the menu, is exhaustive too with Avial there of course. There are a few dishes in egg, several in Fish, prawns, chicken and mutton. There are a host of breads- aapams, dosas, kerala partaha, puttu et al. Payasam is the only dessert served.

It is a simple restaurant, clean and hygienic, with no frills.  The guy at the counter doubles up as a waiter and serves you your food. No fuss, he is polite but business-like. Visit Kerala Café if you’re looking at good, affordably priced food with authentic flavours.