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Food meets films in vibrant ambience

Which one of us does not love and cherish the film Sholay? Most of us I think, do. Naturally then, when a restaurant is named after one of the famed characters of this iconic film, the intrigue factor heightens. Basanti and Co. in Seven Bungalows Andheri West thus beckoned me.

The colourful interiors, trendy decor and cheerful vibe, set the tome of our evening. The bric-a-brac and design elements thrown in appealed to me instantly. The seating area is spacious and the bar in one corner, eclectic.

The menu offered Awadhi and North Indian food with a special section of Chef Qureshi’s signature Biryanis. Yes, another chef from the famed Qureshi family.

The service staff seemed articulate and alert. Roy, serving us was well-spoken and well-informed about the menu too.


Murg Badam shorba, is what we started with and the creamy soul was comforting. The hint of saffron and the crunch owing to the almonds seamless meshed with the creamy thick broth. There were chaats too on offer but we decided to skip those.

Murg Tikka Patiala was well marinated and grilled to perfection. The smoky flavours were apparent in each bite. The Dahi ke kabab however stole the thunder. Well-made, these were soft, tangy and wholesome.


For mains, we ordered the makki ki roti and sarson ka saag with a lassoni addition. Did not work for me at all. The saag was far from the real thing. The Punjabi choley with mini lulchas, were robust and delightful. The Nalli Nihari was the star of the show. The pronounced flavours of mutton in a well-spiced gravy and soft well-cooked pieces of mutton and of course the nihari was an absolute treat. Chicken Tariwala too was a preparation which tingled our taste buds.

The assorted rotis were the perfect accompaniment- garlic naan, missi roti, makki ki roti and tandoori roti. The lamb kulcha sounded enticing too.

The dessert options were strangely limited. Jalebi rabdi and malai phirni was all they offered. Both were strictly mediocre as the textures were far from authentic. The phirni lacked the quintessential grainy texture and bite and was too pasty, whereas the rabdi was cloyingly sweet and again of a overly creamy texture. The crisp and well-fried jalebis got my instant vote though.

The thandai shot at the end of our meal was mild but served the purpose of an after-meal digestive.

This place offers an exhaustive variety -both food and the bar menu. Vegetarians need not fret as there are abundant options. The portions too are hearty and perfect for a family meal. The food is well-presented but sans any unnecessary frills.

We missed trying the biryani and in order to remedy that, I need to make a second trip to Basanti and Co.

Open for lunch and dinner, a meal for two without alcohol is approx Rs 1500.

Rating : 3.5/5


Utterly Butterly Delicious!

A young, energetic chef like Saransh Goila, is someone who I admire, for his talent, individuality and simple, real food. His Goila Butter Chicken has been doing the foodie rounds for a while now and I have, for the longest time, yearned to taste it. Yupp! that’s the Punjabi in me speaking.

So when I was selected to be one of the lucky few to get a sneak preview of the Goila Butter chicken or paneer, I was ecstatic.


Being a day when I was vegetarian, I opted for Paneer and no regrets at all. No, I did not miss the chicken as the Goila Butter Paneer was as good, if not better. All ye vegetarians, are you listening please?

Along with the Goila Butter Paneer came a delectable kali dal, anardana chutney and a roomali roti. My day, oops! dinner as made.

Saransh specifies that he does not use any cream in his Goila Butter Chicken/Paneer and that is a huge relief. Not a fan of it in my savoury dishes at all.

A spoonful of the gravy of the Goila Butter Paneer and I could vouch for its lightness. The texture of the gravy was creamy alright, but with the use of kasoori methi and cashewnuts, as Chef Saransh promises. The smoky flavour as equally distinct, and that’s what sets it apart. I loved the fact that there was not a very pronounced tart and tangy taste, but instead, well-balanced flavours. Not the usual rich and creamy, butter paneer, this!

A buttery feel, the gravy had, as it just disappeared from my palate, but not before leaving a delicious after taste. But no, I could not taste any heavy butter and did not experience the accompanying uneasiness, which is characteristic of such dishes. The quality of paneer used was unmistakably superior and fresh.

The dal reminded me of the one, I used to have back home, made by my mother. No overtly tangy flavours here too, as is the case with many, from restaurants. The texture was right and the dal grains, had a definite bite to them, yet, as soft and mushy, as they should be.

The Anardana chutney struck me as unique. It had an appealing appearance as well as interesting mild flavours of yogurt and mint.

Overall, my meal was a delight for the taste buds and even several hours later, I experienced no discomfort, as is often the case with a butter chicken/paneer, dal makhni kind of meal. This one was reminiscent of home style food, albeit with a bit of indulgence.

I was satiated for now, but not satisfied. This is the kind of meal, which teases your palate mercilessly and urges you to have more.

Like all food lovers and Chef Saransh fans, I too am eagerly awaiting the opening of Goila Butter Chicken, a delivery and take-away joint, started by Chef Saransh Goila and his partner, Vivek Sahni, on June 24 near the D.N. Nagar Metro station Andheri West.

I don’t know about all the dishes, but the ones I sampled are surely going to give several established players, a run for their money.

Good luck Goila Butter Chicken, keep going!

Rating: 4/5







What’s Brewing? Good Food Naturally !

Team Brewbot strongly believes that with great beer you need great food, hence they ensure to use the freshest and highest quality of produce. It may seem like PR spiel when you read this on a press release, but once you have experienced Brewbot yourself, you will know how sincerely this mantra has been adhered to.

Long after it opened in a popular lane in Andheri West, I finally made it to Brewbot on a weekday for dinner. I could feel the passion Ketan Gohel and his partner, Ansh shared for this place. Animatedly, they explained the concept behind it and where they would like to see it go. Sadly the third partner, Anand, who is also the Chef, was on leave that day.

Roasted beet and goat cheese salad with caramelized walnuts, was what we started with. The rocket leaves were fresh, crunchy and had their characteristic peppery flavours. The goat cheese simply melt in the mouth and the other ingredients played their part to perfection, lending the flavours and crunch. The Goat cheese lollipops stuffed with dates and jalapenos, were heavenly, in one word. A generous burst of cheese in the mouth. Something no one should ever miss.

Goat Cheese Lollipops at Brewbot

The rugged and industrial looking place has its own charm. The quirky Bot quotes and installations, enhance the experience. The place has been designed by the popular, Ayaz Basrai of The Busride Project.

The menu looked like it had something for everyone. Sliders, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, complete meal- pasta, risotto, et al. What struck me was that it was not the usual run-of-the-mill fare. Exciting. The Mussels section is a highlight as eateries rarely serve Mussels.

Having their own farm that grows and produces exclusively for this eatery cum brewery, Brewbot has a cutting edge over their competitors. And it was evident from the quality of food we were sampling.

The jerk chicken sliders, made a pretty picture as they came in a set of three. The chicken was juicy and succulent and the flavours were palate tickling. The bread was made in house. Flawless. I noticed there were interesting options for Vegetarians too.

I had barely recovered from the perfect taste of the sliders that the Ham & Olive thin crust Pizza came to wow my palate. The toppings were liberally embellishing the pizza and the flavours were subtle and not at all overpowering. One could relish the flavour of each ingredient. Full marks here too. The portions were hearty and the pricing affordable.


Although there was a lot to choose from by way of mains – chicken roulade, lamb bolognaise, pork schnitzel, we decided to skip those and head straight to the dessert.

Coffee creme brulee was what Ansh suggested and rightly so. I am a great coffee and creme brulee fan so the combination could not have been more apt. It turned out to be a great bet. Creamy with rich coffee flavours, it was delectable. The hard layer of caramel on top was crunchy and well-made too.

It was after ages that I was enjoying a meal that was all so perfect. Even if I tried to see and taste things critically, I could find no fault. Brewbot has taken me by surprise and swept me off my feet, oops! palate.And on my first visit I had only sampled the food. The beers have to wait.

Apart from great food, the service is prompt, alert and unobtrusive and the ambience relaxing. Since it is located fairly close to home, I am going to become a frequent visitor at this eatery and brew pub. Got to try the mains next time!