Enticingly Entisi

When a national level archer makes a foray into chocolates you know she means business. Entisi is a premium chocolate brand in Santacruz West Mumbai, using the finest ingredients around the world. In a span of only 5 months Entisi has managed to carve a niche for itself courtesy the determined lady behind it- Nikki Thakker.

The range is vast and the offerings varied.. From single origin chocolate tablets from Madagascar, Tanzania, Ghana and Ecuador, to bars with freeze dried fruits, bonbons (soft centered chocolates) with exotic flavors like raspberry, ginger lime, truffle oil etc., dragées (whole nuts coated with chocolate), chocolate spreads Entisi offers them all.

The fusion of indigenous spices, flowers, roots and herbs with premium chocolate sets them apart. With technology imported from Italy, Belgium and United States, the Entisi chocolate lab is equipped with the finest machines.

Perfect for gorging on or gifting, there are a myriad options. And these are easy on the wallet too. The fruit and nut bars with salted pistachios, hazel nut, banana with salted caramel are make for a great gift. Bon bons come in aesthetic boxes which are immensely appealing. Choose from raspberry, kesar pista if you enjoy desi flavours. Else opt for sesame squares, mango passion, coconut or ginger lime. There is something for every chocolate lover.

A cute little store with well trained staff it is a pleasure to step in and buy chocolates. My visit here was akin to a little girl in a candy store. I was mesmerized and confused.  I certainly need to go back again soon!


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