A Morning Well….spent!

Wellness. Well, that word means different things to different people. To me, wellness, denotes, a healthy mind and body. For which of course, one needs to eat healthy food, do physical exercise, have a good night’s sleep and more.

No wonder, the first time I came across the Westin Mumbai Garden City’s six pillars of wellness, I couldn’t help thinking how they had got it absolutely right. Eat well, sleep well, play well, work well, move well and feel well. And I completely relate to these. It is wellness, encapsulated, so aptly.

I have always admired the Starwood Group’s Westin brand,  for being the front-runners in the wellness space. Very few hotels are really concerned about a guests’ well being as he travels and is away from home, some times for long stretches.

Lara Dutta, as their Well-being Brand Advocate for Asia Pacific,  is indeed the perfect choice. A working lady, a mother, Lara epitomizes fitness, health and well-being and is an inspiration to many.

After having heard Lara speak straight from the heart about wellness, at the well-being movement meet, I was rejuvenated and energized sufficiently. But even more so, as I sat enjoying the array of farm fresh salads crafted specially for our well- being by Executive Chef Rahul Dhavle and his team, under the expert guidance of Santosh Johri, Director F&B at Westin Mumbai Garden City.


Crunchy, fresh, an interesting mix of ingredients with a medley of textures and flavours juxtaposed, the salads proved to a meal by themselves. Some first time combinations and pairings I came across.

There was more to come. Purple potato gnocchi, pumpkin ravioli, beetroot risotto et al. I enjoyed the bite the gnocchi had to it and yet, was melt in the mouth. The purple potato as an ingredient, is relatively new to me, and I thought it has been brilliantly incorporated into a gnocchi. The desserts were of course decadent. But I indulged guilt free as was assured there were no preservatives, artificial flavours etc in the food served. When at Westin, you can be sure.


Fresh fruit based refreshing drinks, attractively served in glass jars did the rounds as we chatted with the hosts at Westin Mumbai. I relished my water melon and basil juice as I braced myself to face the onslaught of the Mumbai heat outside once again. But I was now ready.

Some days, you just feel so well. Thank you Westin Mumbai Garden City.

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