Health Potion

Juices can be so refreshing. And if these are healthy and free of artificial colours and preservatives, one can gulp them guilt free. That is exactly what I did with the JusDivine range of juices.

JusDivine contains pure raw ingredients, extracted using the world class Cold-Press technology. The vegetable and fruit juices have all the flavours, nutrients, enzymes, proteins and minerals intact in the finest and most natural form; making it easy to digest. It is almost like eating a whole fruit in a juice form.


And there is something for every palate. The wide range of flavours with a mix of fruit and vegetables ensures every one can enjoy something as per their preference. Mixed fruit, Orange, Pineapple, Apple-Beetroot-Carrot, Apple-Kale-Spinach, Apple-Pineapple-Wheatgrass, Pineapple-Carrot-Ginger, Pineapple-Pomegranate-Celery, Pineapple-Pear-Ginger-Spinach, All Veggie mix, Almond-Chocolate-Coconut, Coconut Kokum and Almond-Coffee-Date. That is how exhaustive the range is.

I had a tough time picking up a few favourites to try. The Apple-Beetroot-Carrot,was literally divine. Packed with nutritive and healthy ingredients, it had the goodness of fruits and veggies and lived up to its promise. Orange was refreshing and paired well with my breakfast. In the mixed fruit juice, for once you could actually taste the fruits. Each one distinctly. The freshness came through in each sip.

The Pineapple-Pear-Ginger-Spinach, was an absolute treat. No artificial sweetness. That’s what I loved about this. The ginger gave it a dash of spiciness, good for the throat in this season.

The cold-press technology involves slowly grinding and squeezing the fruits instead of putting them through extreme conditions like cutting or heating.  That’s what sets the JusDivine juices apart.

With a manufacturing plant designed by leading professionals in the F&B industry, JusDivine products are manufactured in highly sanitised environment to produce highest quality of juice. A product of Food Ideas Pvt. Ltd., these juices are from India’s first corporatized fresh juice manufacturer.

Although these hit the market in May last year, I some how tasted these only recently.Must laud the efforts of the co-founders, food and health enthusiasts, Vishal Jain and Nidhi Sharma.

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