This Will Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

I actually began my Sunday on a healthy note, even though it is a day meant for indulgence. I bit into a fleshy and fibrous date, instead of my Sunday breakfast. No, not the ordinary variety of dates. I felt like Royalty, as I savoured the King of Dates- a Medjoul date. Remember having these in Dubai, many eons ago. But these were different. These are a power-house of energy and I could really do with some.


The size and colour itself of Medjoul dates is so appealing. The soft date, melts in your mouth and the toffee-like sweetness pervades your mouth completely. With a good quality date and so much sweetness, one can actually dispense with desserts. But alas! Better still use these dates in your sweets and desserts. Even our very own kheer can be made with dates instead of sugar.

I often use dates in my breakfast smoothie. With milk, yogurt, a dash of figs and dates, it makes a delicious drink. A perfect start to the day. Even shakes, cookies, muffins and pancakes can have dates added to them. That should satisfy my sweet cravings in a healthy manner.

Being unprocessed, Medjoul dates are really healthy and safe to consume. Even for children. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre et al, everyone can enjoy these. Ideally one should eat a maximum of 6-8 dates in day, staggered over the entire day, I was told.

What I love is he fact that one can carry these along anywhere, hassle-free and munch on them as and when one can.

Aren’t I glad that Medjoul dates have arrived in India and that too with a seal of authenticity?  Beautifully packaged, these are are now going to be available easily all over India. So now, one can indulge without feeling guilty. Taste bhi, health bhi!


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