Mast Mexifornia @ CPK

Californian Pizza Kitchen offering a menu with a Mexican twist? Sounded exciting enough to lure me to their Infiniti Mall, Malad outlet.

Appetizers, Pizza, Pastas, Some specialties and of course desserts formed the menu. And yes, fresh fruit Margaritas and beverages. Which I decided to skip completely, for a change. Wanted to save my appetite and do justice to the food.

Not a very exhaustive menu, but all encompassing the flavours of Mexico. Cilantro, peppers, squash, tomato, avocado, vanilla, cocoa, corn, all beautifully amalgamated in the dishes cleverly by Chef Pranav. The ‘Mexifornia’ menu did sound interesting and appetizing. CPK had ensured that gourmets indulge in zesty Mexican Cuisine with a twist of signature Californian panache. And I was ready to embark on my culinary expedition.

Sonora Pizza

The Sonora Pizza, a thin crust pizza with a smoky, roasted tomato salsa, roasted corn and black bean salsa garnished with creamy avocado, a snappy jalapeno sauce and a drizzle of cilantro had me in a dilemma, but yet, I settled for the Chicken Asada Pizza- a titillating serving of a robust traditional pizza with a sharp New Mexico chilli sauce with cheddar and fontina- a delicious semi-soft cheese-and shimmering, roasted peppers.And I had no reason to regret my choice. It was a celebration of Mexican flavours. Generous pieces of roasted chicken laced my pizza and the dash of spice and herbs, mercilessly tingled my palate.

Pastas although seemed unusual by way of the ingredients and flavours, I decided to stay away from.

But the piece de resistance of the evening was unarguably, the Chimichanga. This lip-smacking specialty,  a stellar dish of crispy fried wrap filled with California rice, cotija cheese cheese, a bed of shredded lettuce, sour cream and a zesty tomato salsa, rendered me speechless after the first bite. There was a burst of flavours in my mouth. A myriad textures were at play. Easily the best chimichanga I have ever tasted. Absolute value for money.

California Style Chimichanga_1

Given these two filling dishes, there was no scope of anything else but the Trio of chocolate mousse, of course. Flavoured with three layers of Mexican white, milk and dark chocolate and with a hint of coffee ,served in its very own chocolate cup, this dessert was unique. It was sinful and decadent as expected but I found the proportion of white chocolate a tad more than the other two and felt it could have been reduced. The presentation of the mousse in a cup made of chocolate complete with a spoon et al, bowled me over completely. The chef was truly a master of his craft.


There was Mexican Caramel Banana Flan served on a bed of vanilla sponge with great lashings of Banana Cream and Caramel sauce. But alas! we had no place in our stomach for that.

On till June 21 at all CPK outlets, across India, I still have a chance of relishing my Chimichanga once more. And yes, many more dishes on the menu worth trying.

Good, attentive service, pleasant ambience and outstanding food, made the evening even more special.

Rating: 4/5


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