Of aromas and delicate flavours: The Oriental Wok

Oriental food is my weakness. My taste buds love to be teased by the sauces and flavours in Chinese cuisine, in particular. To commemorate the Chinese Year of the Sheep, The Club D.N. Nagar Andheri West, Mumbai is hosting a Chinese Food Festival at The Oriental Wok, their Oriental Restaurant and I decided to give it a shot.

The bright ambience and decor in red and gold was befitting the occasion. Seated in our favourite corner table, we were relaxed as we sipped our Jasmine Tea. The regular menu at this Restaurant is a delight and varied, but the festival menu too, was well-planned and exhaustive. It catered to all palates.

We opted for the Sea Food X.O. soup to begin with. The soup was a light one with delicate sea food flavours and a generous amount of prawns and sea food. But it could have been pepped up a bit in terms of spice. A little too bland for my liking. The Chicken coriander dim sums were delectable. No disappointment here. The covering was, light and smooth and the filling, flavourful. The two textures married perfectly.


The Cheong Fun aka rice rolls with shrimps were unique. Liberally filled with shrimps and folded well in rice flour together with potato starch, swathed in soy sauce, these were truly a palate pleaser. But a trifle heavy, I must admit. I think I prefer the Vietnamese ones a bit more.

There was a fair amount of variety in the starters. Duck rolls, Hakka lamb, chicken et al. Vegetarians too can feat on an array of starters like Tahu Choi made with broccoli, water chestnut, silken tofu or Beijing style stir-fired Chinese cabbage.

For the mains, we decided to try a fish dish and had obviously made the right choice. The slow-fried Snapper looked appetizing as it arrived on our table. The garlic pepper black sauce, filled our nostrils and made us hungry. The Tibetan style pan fried chicken marinated with spices called Tubo Cha Sha, was equally a treat. The two had distinct flavours. We paired it with the flavoursome Jasmine Rice with garlic, ginger & cilantro.


It was a meal which appeased our taste buds and satiated us completely. Chef Kuldeep Das obviously knows how to balance textures and flavours and create something unique.

The Fortune pudding sounded inviting. Indeed, what arrived on our table certainly was a treat for the eyes. And later, the palate. Truly an exotic preparation of sweet rice, dried fruits and nuts, it was decadence at its best. Reminded me of the meetha chawal, we Punjabis make. Full marks to the chef here.

Opening a fortune cookie, if only to read one’s fortune for fun, is a ritual one must indulge in a Chinese New Year meal and so we followed it.

An enjoyable meal in vibrant surroundings, with attentive and warm service, was what we savoured at The Oriental Wok. The Festival may be extended till March, owing to the great response it has received, so if you are lucky, you too can relish this food beyond this weekend. Don’t miss it if you get a chance!


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