For the Universal Palate: Cheval new Menu

Cheval Restaurant & Bar, has a regal air about it and transports you elsewhere- out of Mumbai. for sure. One gets a feel of being in Europe. Maybe because of the ambience and partly because of the expat crowd that throngs the bar as you enter. A happening place undoubtedly.

The restaurant section has an old world charm to it, but perhaps could do with a bit of brighter upholstery.

The new menu designed by Executive Chef – Brian Lopes, looked interesting. A good mix of global specialities. Bravia potatoes arrived first. Melt in the mouth and creamy. Just the way they are meant to be. Reminded me of Chef Sergi Arola. His signature dish it is. The chicken liver pate with cherry compote and date puree fell short of our expectations. The pate was overpowering and enveloped the palate.


Roasted beetroot with a raspberry emulsion, walnuts and goat cheese, was our choice for salad. I have a weakness for this one. The salad was well made, the beetroot done to perfection and the goat cheese, creamy enough. However, the salad leaves could have been doused further with dressing. Were a tad too dry. The quality of the ingredients got our vote- fresh and the best.

Chef Brian dropped by to say hello to us and explained how he keeps reinventing his menu to allure his regular guests. Well, he had succeeded.

I was recommended to try the Multigrain crepe, laal maath and beetroot along with a smoked tomato fondue, while my partner settled for the delicate John Dory.  I was ecstatic as I bit into my crepe. Luscious flavours and a plethora of textures, juxtaposed. My vote went instantly to this one. The tomato fondue was the perfect compliment. One cannot go wrong with a John Dory and this one surpassed our expectations. The kaffir lime risotto so cleverly paired with this, did the trick. The aromatic, gentle flavours filled and appeased our senses. Delicious. The chef is indeed extraordinary.

Satiated, we let ourselves indulge in the desserts too. Espresso fudge served with vanilla bean ice cream and Basil panacotta strawberry coulis was what we ordered. The basil panacotta was unusual, but a wee bit less sweet for my taste buds, but made well nevertheless. The espresso fudge was decadent and sinful, as expected.

20150207_220629 (1)

The service was impeccable and the staff alert to guests’ needs. The food is unusual, subtle flavours and appeals to a global palate but the portions can be a bit more generous.

An enjoyable and relaxed dining experience this was.

Rating: 3.5/5


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