An Even Better New Avtar: 5 The Restaurant

Global food abounds in Mumbai nowadays but if the offerings are good and varied one is never bored of it.

5 The Restaurant is a tried and tested player but a visit to it in its whole new avatar at Khar was long overdue.

The plush and elegant interiors were warm and cosy putting you at ease immediately. The location is an advantage too and offers a European setting.


Attentive staff has always been it’s plus and thankfully nothing has changed on that front.

Our creamy spinach and bacon soup arrived. Piping hot it was comforting. The spinach flavour was subtle, yet tingled our palates sufficiently. The addition of  bacon enhanced the taste and flavour of the soup.
The beetroot and feta cheese salad with tangerine was interesting but the salad dressing could have been a little more generous and the beetroot was a tad overcooked.

The peppercorn chicken was a bit of a let down. The flavours and pieces of chicken were not enticing enough.

Just when I was beginning to think that the food would not surpass my expectations I was in for a surprise. The bacon stuffed chicken breast was truly delectable. It was well tenderized. The bacon filling led to a burst of flavours in the mouth. Full marks to the chef here.


The polenta ratatouille was equally palate pleasing. The rugged texture of the polenta meshed with veggies made for a delightful combination. The cheesy sauce only added to the perfect finale.

Satiated with a sumptuous meal we would have been happy to skip the dessert but were cajoled into trying the chocolate flan. And it was the perfect recommendation. Gooey chocolate on a crusty and crunchy base proved to be pure sin and we indulged in it without guilt.


A perfect meal complimented with good service. 5 The Restaurant is definitely a place worth dining in. Given the variety, quality of ingredients and portion size, it is value for money.
Rating : 3.5/5


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