A Glitzy Array of Food n Fun!

My Sunday turned out be just what the Doctor ordered. Yes, I experienced the ‘Dr. Feel Good’ event at Flamboyante, Sobo’s much loved neighbourhood restaurant housed in the cultural precinct of the World Trade Centre. The place was buzzing with frenetic activity as I stepped in.

There was shopping, food and lots of fun. The exhibitors were in keeping with the good health theme. At least most of them. Raw Pressery (Healthy, delicious detox cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices), Samskara (multi brand all-organic products. Ranging from health food and groceries to body care and wellness products), Green Tokri (Jams, salad dressings, spreads and sauces all made from fresh farm grown ingredients), ), O!(cookies, fudge, chocolates, sushi and snacks all made healthy and with organic ingredients) Danz Bread (healthy multi-grain bread. free from preservatives),Gouri’s (Artisanal cakes, granola, energy bars that are pure and natural. Free from additives. Healthy ingredients),Nutkraft (Caramelised almonds, cashews, walnuts An exciting array to choose from. I indulged myself and felt good about it too!

Above all there was a delicious brunch spread by Flamboyante. Something to appease all taste buds- thai curry rice, pastas, salads, soyabean dosas, Indian curries and pulaos, pizzas. Whew! I thoroughly enjoyed the salads and pastas as I did the soya bean dosa. Unique I must say.

What’s more, after a sumptuous brunch, one could head to the myriad workshops. Healthy Cooking workshop by Flamboyante Inhouse Chefs, Talk by nutritionist Khushboo Thadani, or a Live Mixology Class.


The all new look Flamboyante looks cool. The white & blue Grecian look and a skylight that has an atrium effect makes it stand apart. Amrish Arora has reason enough to be proud.


A thoroughly enjoyable Sunday and lots of health food to look forward to the coming week as I had picked up some exciting stuff.



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