Belly Belly Good!


Buddha Belly. The name itself intrigued me and I was curious to check out this new eatery. What added to the mystique was the fact that Buddha Belly is formed on the basis of a belief in 3 core principles: Healthy Food with Integrity – Using the finest, highest quality organic ingredients, with a complete rejection of preservatives, Innovation of Food and Dim Sum for everyone – to ensure the highest quality and finest dim sum is available to as many people as possible. Way to go!

With these thoughts in mind, I entered the Juhu outlet. Small, but well laid out and appealing. The décor was simple but the place had a unique energy of its own.


We began our meal with the refreshing Lemon grass iced tea- sweet n tangy, it perked us up. Chicken sui mai. The steamed dim sums arrived in a basket. The aroma was appetizing and made me hungry. Soft and well prepared, the filling was delectable, as was the covering of the dim sums. Spinach prawns roll was unique and lived up to its appearance. Subtle flavours and the combination of spinach and prawns was a winning one. Full marks here too. The chicken and chive gyoza, although fried, was a treat for the palate.

Each dim sum was better than the previous one. The quality was undoubtedly good. The dips served along were fiery but perfectly paired. I particularly enjoyed the lemon grass one. Limited menu, but enough to satiate a dim sum lover, trust me.


The brainchild of Arjun Singh Ahluwalia, Buddha Belly is indeed a haven for dim sum lovers like me. Shockingly affordable by today’s standards, the taste and quality are unparalleled.

Chef’s famous Luo Bo Gao arrived next. Made with radish and carrots, the base reminded me of our own Kothambir wadi in Mumbai. And yes, it was as oily. The taste although outstanding, this one did not favour my palate owing to the high oil content.

The lemon grass sticky rice which I always relish anywhere, bowled me over. It was authentic and flavourful to the core. Interestingly served too in a banana leaf. Kudos to the chef.

Sadly, the chicken khao suey did not excite me. Presentation: full marks, but the flavours did not match upto the ones I usually enjoy. Disappointing. The coconut milk based gravy was too thick and bland. And yes, the boiled eggs were missing. cannot get the one I eat at Auriga out of my mind.


This one dish apart, it was an enjoyable culinary journey which I revelled in thoroughly. The staff is alert, cheerful and quick. Good food n paisa vasool.

Passionfruit, nutella and coconut mousse are the three options from the chef’s stable. For a change I decided to skip dessert as I wanted the taste of the dim sums to linger longer.







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