New Way To Experience Coffee? Nah!

Summer is here and Starbucks introducing flavoured beverages with green coffee extracts, seemed reason enough to visit the Malad outlet at Infiniti Mall, Mumbai.

A unique offering, Starbucks Refreshers™ comes in two exciting flavours – Triple Orange and Very Berry Hibiscus. After a tiring day, I was all set to energize myself. Well, that’s what the refreshers were meant to do!

Green coffee extract, a natural source of energy, combined with real fruit juice. The combination sounded winning and I was sure the results would be spectacular. My Very Berry Hibiscus arrived. The person serving me was quite evidently a trainee. He kept mumbling explanations about the drink- nothing of which was comprehensible. He turned to his senior colleague for help. He chipped in.  Disappointing start. But that was not all. Meant to be a lively blend of flavors with tangy blackberry and Green Coffee Extract, it was anything but that.

Starbucks Refreshers_Combined Shot - lowres

A few sips later, I was even more disappointed. Filled with ice, my refresher was diluted, run down and watery. I could almost taste nothing, except flavoured coloured water. Now only if the invisible green coffee extracts would energise me!

Triple Orange seemed a lot better. I don’t know about the energizing bit, owing to the green coffee extracts, but it certainly boosted my palate and mood, with its effervescent, fresh and tangy flavours. This one got pass marks from me.

Unlike the traditional process, green coffee beans used in these quenchers, are not roasted, which results in a mild and fresh flavor while still retaining naturally occurring caffeine. The flavor is very different from the traditional coffee. Well, I think I prefer my traditional cuppa for my dose of caffeine!

Meant to be summer drinks, these are going to be on the menu till April end. The Starbucks Refreshers™ offering is meant to be the best pick of this season. I am not too sure about that. But their cappuccino definitely is! I am going back for that.




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