A Royal Repast: Rajdhani’s Rasovara

Indian food is always a culinary treat and better still,  if it is Rajasthani and Gujarati. You can look forward to a variety of flavours and textures. Indeed, the thali at Rajdhani’s Rasovara at Palladium, Lower Parel was a gastronomic feast. Whoever said, vegetarian food is boring? Think again.

The farsan or snacks, which is such an integral part of a Gujarati meal, arrives first. The three coloured dhokla was delectable and simply melt in our mouth. The samosa was delicious but nothing extraordinary.

The chaas (buttermilk) was refreshing. The thali with its endless katoris looked like a royal feast.

A plethora of options were there, by way of the rotis or flatbreads. Mooli paratha, thepla, phulka. These were the highlight of my meal. Piping hot, these teemed well with the paneer, kofta, gatta, meethi, teekhi dal. The masalas in some of the preparations is overpowering, masking the taste and flavour of the vegetable. The dals were lip smacking and each distinct from the other. The gujarati kadhi was par excellence. It was matchless with the moong dal khichdi. I also enjoyed the dal baati churma, which was authentic and well made. The ghee makes a lot of difference, trust me.

One may relish the food without knowing the culinary magician behind it. Maharaj Jodha Ram Choudhary, the son of a farmer, who was always interested in cooking but never got family support, is entirely self-taught. He has now been delighting foodies with his preparations for over 40 years. Ringna Batata Sambhariya, keri sangri and makai jajaria are some of his specialities. He is now adding value to the kitchen at Rasovara.

The desserts, something which I was eagerly awaiting were a damp squib. The jalebis, although hot were crisp but not  tasty. Perhaps the batter was not right. The sticky, insipid rabdi served along did not help. The moong dal halwa too was less sweet and a disappointment. Only the basundi was palatable.

The service is impeccable. And apart from the lavish thali, the service replete with getting your hands washed at your table, makes you feel regal and how! An enjoyable dining experience albeit a little steep.


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