A Glo(bell) Culinary experience : D’bell Cafe n lounge

India Bulls Centre at Lower Parel may not seem like a place where you’d go to eat, but of late, it houses some of the best eateries and pubs.

D’Bell cafe and lounge is an interesting combination of The Pulsating Lounge and a Cozy Cafe. So clearly, there is entertainment, music and good food being offered by D’Bell.

We make our way into the café for a Sunday brunch. The cafe is spacious, well-laid out and elegant. The decor is minimalistic, but appropriate.

Food Shot 3

The spread looks interesting, albeit limited. We begin with an Iced Lemon Tea. Refreshing. The sea food salad is a treat, with liberal amounts of fish, squids and prawns. The dressing too is just right. The chicken salad with mayonnaise is good, but not extraordinary. The cream of chicken soup is embellished with generous amount of chicken cubes. In fact doused with it. The soup is well spiced and enjoyable.

The starters come next. Fish cakes are what they are called, but are actually more of fish tikkis with oodles of potatoes in them. Disappointing. The chicken mince balls in BBQ sauce are a delight for the palate. Soft and melt-in-the-mouth. First rate. We skip the begetarian starters.

The main course is not overtly exciting but the chicken crumble proves us wrong. It is well made, the layer of caramelized onions gives it a sweetness which compliments the spicy chicken. The top layer is crumbly enough and the coarse texture is delightful. The Thai veg green curry with cheese which we try is a tad too thick. Pairs well with steamed white rice. There are noodles and pasta too as well as a fish preparation.

The desserts too are boring and fairly insipid.

Food Shot 4

D’bell serves good quality food, provided excellent service and has a good ambience too. The menu needs to be a little more varied and interesting. With options galore today, one may not want to come here, given the limited food choices. And thus it is not a value-for-money brunch either.


On other days it has breakfast, lunch and dinner too ranging from the Mezze Platter, Wasabi Prawns and Crispy Shrimp Tacos to the Asian eef Stew, Eggplant Cannelloni and Cottage Cheese Satay.


With Karaoke, Retro Nights and Classic Rock along with the best live performances in the city this lounge is one where you can let your hair down while enjoying a good drink!


So clearly, if you are a music lover you could head to the lounge, whereas foodies like me would choose the Cafe.




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