Swing at Copa !

If you’re in a mood to have a good time and relax over a drink or two and some good bites, head straight to Copa in Juhu. The ambience and decor relaxes you immediately.


I have never had so much fun being a teetotaller as at Copa, for there are so many interesting mocktails to choose from. I settled for the apple pie infused tea, while my companion opted for a ginger-spiked apple and pear muddle. Refreshing was the only word to describe the two drinks. We were energized and enjoyed the lovely music that was playing. The outdoor tables enhance the appeal of the place. Of course for those who drink, spirits, wines and exciting cocktails galore are on offer.

Tequila prawns with Jalapeno glaze seemed the perfect way to start our evening. The flavour was delectable and the prawns succulent and juicy. The Greek souvlaki pockets with chicken were a real treat. Little pita pockets filled with tasty chicken pieces were well made.


Gaurav Dabrai, the owner,  has clearly succeeded in creating a lovely place for all age groups. Chic and elegant, it is informal and fun too. Burgers, Pizza, kebabs, sandwiches, wraps, there is a fair amount of food options. So, one cannot complain. And there are enough options for vegetarians as well. Ragda pattice, paneer steak, peri peri aloo tikki, mushroom n cheese seekh.

Chicken Alfredo pizza cam next. It was insipid and more like a cheese toast doused with excess cheese and thus very disappointing. But the kung pao Chicken wrap more than compensated for it, with its robust and spicy flavours.

Copa is the ideal place to unwind and hang out with friends or family. You are left alone and the service is unobtrusive. Affordably priced, it is appealing to every pocket. Let’s raise a Copa, to that. Oops! I meant a glass in Spanish!



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