An Oriental Barbeque

Oriental food is my weakness and when this cuisine is part of a Barbeque festival, the appeal doubles. The Barbeque food festival at Noodle Bar, thus seemed a gourmet’s delight and one I was not going to miss. So, I trooped to the Bandra outlet.

The menu was understandably limited, but interesting. Chicken and leek yakitori was certainly not commonplace. Chef Kamal, had ensured that everyone could sample and enjoy the luscious flavours from Pan Asian cuisine. a great amalgamation of flavours from Japanese, Indonesian, Thai and Chinese cuisines.

The Vietnamese Basa was grilled to perfection and had a tangy flavour to it. The flavours of an otherwise bland basa, had come alive. The chicken and leek yakitori too was flavoursome and well grilled. Although we skipped the grilled mustard lamb, it did sound interesting. Yoshino Katsu as a vegetarian starter sounded confusing, but was nothing but vegetable and potato cutlets, stuffed with broccoli and mushrooms.

chicken n leek yakitori

Our main course was roast chicken fried rice which was authentic from word go. The roasted chicken lend an unusual flavour to the fried rice. Aromatic and flavourful, it was palate pleasing. We paired it with barbeque mustard chicken which was one of the most unusual dishes in oriental cuisine I have tasted. Chicken in pickled cucumber sauce and cinnamon lamb were other interesting options. Vegetarians could settle for sweet n spicy tofu n pak choi or red pepper cottage cheese if you relish paneer. I prefer my chicken any day.  We decided to give the hot n spicy chicken noodles a miss though. That sounded like regular fare.

Chef Kamal went that extra mile creating a unique dessert for us. Darsan with ice cream served in a bed of fresh fruit juliennes.  Visually, a delight and for the taste buds too.

dessert copy


Looks like my prayers have been answered and the festival is now till the end of January, as opposed to January 12 earlier. Wouldn’t mind tantalizing my taste buds once again.



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