Dilli Darshan @Copper Chimney

Delhi chalo, this slogan could not have been more apt for me last week. Of course I did not really need to go all the way to Delhi to sample ‘Purani Dilli Ka Zaika’, a gastronomic extravaganza of the culinary magic of Old Delhi and its renowned dishes. I merely needed to step into any of the Copper Chimney outlets in Mumbai. And I did just that. I headed to the Lower Parel Copper Chimney at Phoenix Mills.

Delectable kebabs, fragrant pulaos and exotic curries were on offer as part of this exciting promotion. Murg boti or Chicken tikkas and tali machli were the two non-vegetarian starters recommended. The basa fish was well-marinated and fried, to my taste. The tikkas had a great marinade, spicy et al, but were a bit too soft. I prefer my kebabs grilled a little more and crisp. The aloo tikki with chole was replete with memories of my student days in Delhi. Swept me off my feet.

 The alert staff impressed me greatly, as did their knowledge about the menu and each of the dishes.

 I could not resist the peethi puri, something that my mother used to prepare. It paired well with the Chandni murg, which was a white gravy based chicken, with a distinct garlic flavour. A little heavy, but it was a treat for the taste buds. The Paneer was nothing to write home about but the Cholas were to die-for. Tangy and delicious, those were a class apart. Typical home-made robust Punjabi chole. Vegetarians had exciting options too. Aloo Rasedar and Khubani Kofta sounded mouth-watering. I regret not having sampled the Afghani Pilao, with mutton, but just could not manage it.

 Had to indulge myself with the Kalakand n kesari phirni. It was the best phirni I have ever had in Mumbai. The rice was ground to perfection and blended well with the khoya, milk and other ingredients. Transported me instantly to my grandmother’s place. 

The master-chefs at Copper Chimney had indeed succeeded in whipping up some Old Delhi special delicacies, reminiscent of the Mughal era, to the delight of us gourmands.

 The festival is on till 10th October at all Copper Chimney outlets across the city. Don’t miss it of you remotely love food. It is a rare treat.


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