My Favourite Sunday Brunches



There are a plethora of brunches in Mumbai Hotels and restaurants, and so the options are many. Customers can pick and choose as each Hotel tries to woo us with a lot of excitement thrown in apart from the brunch of course. Free flow of spirits and wines, live entertainment usually jazz, kids sections, make it so irresistible. While most of these are multi cuisine spreads, some focus on a single cuisine as well.

Don’t rush through your brunch, else you will ruin the experience. Relax and savour your meal, step by step, as you chat with your friends or family. Expect to spend at least two hours or more for this meal. Just exploring the buffet stations can take you a while as you are spoilt for choice. Confused? I usually am. Salad bar, hot and cold dishes, chilled seafood, pasta, Japanese sushi, grilled station, desserts, cocktail bar, the list is endless.

The brunch at Seasonal Tastes at Westin Mumbai is my favourite. The spread at the brunch is reinvented and I rarely get to eat the same stuff. The highlight of this brunch are the live counters which serve exotic stuff.


A pioneer in Sunday Brunches, Indigo was one of the first to introduce these in 1999. And I still love to go there. Indigo is famed for its relaxed ambience and great food. What relaxes me further is the live band. Their desserts too are to die-for. Saptami at Holiday Inn International Airport is another great option for a leisurely Sunday brunch. The fare is unusual and the service impeccable. Citrus at the Leela too has a vast array to choose from. Their counter serving roast meats is my personal favourite.

When am in the mood for a Pan Asian brunch then I head to San Qi at Four Seasons. Even Shiro Mumbai is a good bet for a Sunday brunch. Closer home, I have Mainland China, which never fails me as well as China 1.

So after a stressful and hectic week, the best way to treat yourself is by heading for a lavish Sunday brunch. That’s how I reward myself. Let’s see where I land up tomorrow for Brunch! any suggestions?


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