Monsoon Mania : Dome, The Intercontinental, Marine Drive

Few places in Mumbai have the ability to transport you into another world and the Dome at The Intercontinental, Marine Drive is one of those. The rooftop restaurant is one of my favourite places and I can sit there for hours gazing at the Arabian Sea, especially so in the monsoons.  I basically love open dining places.

Monsoons truly are special at the Dome and this year is no exception.What’s more, the place has a new covering for the monsoons and with the weather controlled environment, it is bound to be the first on everyone’s list.  With Chef Paul Kinny at the helm, one knew that the new Barbecue Menu of Skewered Specialties, which he has crafted for the monsoons, will be delightful.

The stuffed Bhavnagiri Chili Tempura with four cheese and cumin yogurt dip, I thought was extraordinary and I would rate it as the numero uno on the new monsoon menu. Truly innovative. The Smoked Cottage Cheese Skewers  with Rose petal chutney and Cajun Mushroom & Water Chestnut Skewers  with a raw mango and grape dip were surprisingly a disappointment. The flavours in the paneer were too subtle, even to register on the palate and the mushrooms were a trifle bland.  Did not tickle my taste buds. Arabian Sea prawns skewers were delicious as the prawns were juicy and succulent. Of course, the “Monsoon bhutta” was perfect, lemony and tantalizing.  No scope to wrong with that anyway. Chilli Pineapple & Vegetable skewers with tomato and bell pepper coulis were unusual, as the contrast of flavours was apparent.


The dips were definitely interesting. The rose petal chutney was delectable, as was the home-made sweet tomato jam. Creativity at its best. There was something for every palate.

A flute of champagne, of course, Moet & Chandon, or a glass of martini or even some of Domes signature cocktails added to the experience.

“We have created this Monsoon Menu keeping in mind some of Mumbai’s favourite comfort foods of the season, and have added  a special touch by blending different textures & tastes in order to present a menu that is a mix of foods & ingredients associated with the rains, with new age flavours”, says Chef Paul Kinny.

The Dome has the distinction of being Voted Mumbai’s most Romantic Restaurant for the year 2005-2006 and has been voted one of the top 10 skybars in the world by many. I am not surprised. It is easily one of the best hot spots in Mumbai where one can unwind and relax amidst the sights and sounds of nature. Am going back again when it pours.




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