Share these secrets from Haagen Dazs !

Blessed with a sweet tooth, am always looking out for new and interesting desserts. Pastries, cup cakes, Indian sweets, I love them all, but have a special soft corner for ice creams. And was thus delighted when I stepped into the new Haagen Dazs lounge at Palladium in Phienix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai and discovered that they now offer new range of innovative premium ice creams; Secret Sensations. 

Secret Sensations offers an exceptional experience, a contrast of textures within one serving. The firm juxtaposed with the soft. It simply melts in the mouth. The molten sauce encapsulated within a cup of rich ice cream is truly a dessert lover’s delight. Available in two flavours:  Chocolat Fondant; and Crème Brulee, Secret Sensations is bound to be a great hit.

I loved the spongy texture of the chocolate cake with bits of brownie alongwith a warm fluid chocolaty core in the Chocolat Fondant. It is sinful. So, if you love chocolate and like having a mélange of textures in your ice cream, this is a must try.

To replicate the experience of biting into the caramelized sugar crust on a traditional Crème Brulee, Häagen-Dazs has incorporated crunchy caramelized sugar bits into the decadently creamy custard ice cream which conceals a smoky caramel sauce at its core. I am normally not a great fan of caramel sauce, but this one caught me with complete surprise. Loved it. In fact it even scored over the Chocolat Fondant for me.

These are available in minicups at most gourmet retail stores. These will also be available in Multi-packs (2 minicups),  across all Häagen-Dazs lounges and retails outlets. The packaging itself is so attractive and appealing. Need I say more about the secrets inside?


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