Delectable Dimsums

I love Dim sums. Was first initiated into eating these by a colleague in erstwhile Calcutta. Momos is what they are known as in Kolkata. The Tibetan influence I guess. But whatever its name or avatar, I enjoy these. Generally steamed or fired, these are dumplings with a filling. They are sumptuous. And healthy too (the steamed ones). Dim sums and soup, and I am done for a meal.

Steamed chicken dim sums are my favourite. Somehow I prefer these to sea food ones. Veg ones. Nah! And somehow I don’t care for the open ones called Shui Mai.

Mumbai has a plethora of options when it comes to dim sums. Courtyard by Marriott has great ones, so does Leela Kempinski. Even a small eatery on Link Road in Oshiwara called Fire Bowl offers delctable ones and affordably priced. China 1 in Andheri West is also my favourite place for dim sums. Someof the small roadside carts earlier used to do great momos, but sadly the quality has deteriorated.


Saptami the multi-cuisine all day dining restaurant at Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport is organizing a dim sum festival starting today until June 16 for lunch and dinner. Wow! Can’t wait to check it out. 

Executive chef Sudhir Pai has prepared a menu which has variety of dim sums to choose from. The regular steamed or pan fried dim sums are available in chicken, vegetable and prawns fillings.  

 The other choices include Shui mai (Small steamed dumplings with either chicken & prawns mix or vegetables both inside a thin wheat flour wrapper), Cha siu baau (Steamed fluffy fermented bun  stuffed with Cantonese style barbeque  pork), Chee cheong fun (  steamed rice roll)   It is a thin roll made from a wide strip of rice noodles, filled with variety of meats and vegetables). Lo Mai Gai (Lotus leaf rice ) Glutinous rice wrapped in a lotus leaf with  egg yolk,, mushroom water chestnut and Five spice seasoning, sounds really unique.

Dim sums have long been associated with the Chinese custom of yum cha or tea tasting.The Chinese Tea on offer includes Longjing Green Tea.  Chrysanthemum Tea, Chamomile Tea , Blooming Tea  are otehr unusual ones.

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