Kashmiri Teas

Still haven’t recovered from the scenic beauty of Kashmir which I experienced. It is indeed Paradise on earth. While the food in Kashmir is legendary, the teas here, intrigued me, especially owing to the contrast in their taste.

On one hand is the kahwa, green tea made with saffron, spices and served with chopped walnuts, sweet in taste owing to the addition of honey or sugar. Delicious and soothing. The flavour and the experince is enhanced when it is served from gleaming samawars. Had tasted kahwa earlier too, but nothing to beat the original one in Srinagar. I miss sipping it daily.

But the tea which I found doubly exciting was the sheer or noon chain in Kashmir. Essentially a salty tea, it is meant to cool the system and Kashmiris consume it first thing in the morning. It is made of tea leaves which come from Assam and bicarobnate of soda is added, which lends it a pink colour. It is almost like having hot chaas. But really refreshing. Was really lucky to sample it a a small tea stall at Dalgate in Srinagar.

It is amazing how different parts of India serve varieties of tea. Interesting.






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