Interesting world flavours in new menu: Cafe By The Beach

New menus excite me and so I landed up at Café By The Beach, Girgaum Chowpatty, to check it out for myself. The Mezze platter with tabouleh, fattoush, hummus, baba ghanoush, pita bread & olives was interesting, but not the best I have had in this city.

The appetizers came next with cherry tomato & ricotta bruschetta and peppered chicken crostini. The latter was exciting, particularly the horseradish cream and juicy pomegranates as garnish, lent it a unique flavour.

From the Pasta & Risotto section, the Beetroot gnocchi with dill cream sauce was the clear winner. I am not a great one for beetroot at all and I enjoyed that the most. It was exceptional. Kudos to Chef Ashay Desai. Chicken Ravioli with roasted artichoke hearts was equally a treat, as I enjoyed the flavour of the chicken in the ravioli envelopes. The Pumpkin & goat cheese risotto was disappointing, considering I am a huge fan of risotto. Extremely dry and chewy in texture. Not cheesy enough for my palate. (No pun intended!) The Parpedelle in saffron chilli sauce was not upto my palate either. Tough in texture, a trifle flat & insipid, the saffron taste was too pronounced.

I simply loved the water chestnuts and spinach crepes served with a melange of fresh tomato and creamy cheese sauce. The contrast in the textures and flavours was outstanding. You can’t go wrong with Shepherd’s Pie and Chef Ashay is clearly a master. The Mustard crust fish with dill honey ailoli was good, especially the spicy sundried tapenade. It enhanced the light flavour of the fish. All in all, a great new menu by Chef Ashay. Fresh ingredients have been creatively used to offer exciting and varied flavours. A bit of an overdose of tomatoes though. There is something for every palate. Vegetarians can rejoice. Interesting dishes await them. A place worth visiting. A beach front café, great food and impeccable service. Check it out.


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