A melee of great flavours: Melange


All you vegetarians rejoice. Mélange, a vegetarian bistro, located on Link Road Andheri West has just opened and offers a unique dining experience.

At first, the prospect of eating at a vegetarian joint seemed boring, but I was proved wrong. It serves interesting new dishes like pies, frittatas, and pieds, rare in the city. For those who have a fixed palate, Mélange offers baked tortillas, strudels and baked burgers. Healthy stuff. Everything on the menu which is served at this eatery, is made at the bistro by the chefs, including breads and sauces. Hardik Parekh, the Mumbai based entrepreneur behind this place, has included diverse elements of Indian ingredients to western components like Indian chutneys, tapenades and many more. Kudos to him!

 Now for the best piece of news. Melange has a special breakfast menu inclusive of egg preparations like omelettes and also the 3 basic forms- poached, friend and boiled; muffins, hash browns, and also a typical English breakfast. Much to my glee, it has an exhaustive coffee menu consisting of six special blends of coffee served in different forms like Mocha pot, vacuum pot and normal espresso and many more.

For those with a sweet tooth, Mélange serves freshly baked pastries, slices, individual tarts, different sweet loafs, scones, cakes like the Green Apple Cream Brulee, Cinnamon Panacotta, to name a few. Link Road was screaming for a new entrant and here is Melange, the perfect one. A meal at this eatery and you will never really crib about vegetarian food anymore.

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