My favourite Pic(O): Cafe Pico

It’s not everyday that I am ready to traverse such a long distance, even if it is only to go and check out a new restaurant. But I actually did so, when I heard good things about Café Pico in Masjid Bunder at Le Mill.

Although the approach to the Café is quite run-down and the surrounding area leaves you wondering what a Café offering a global gourmet experience, is doing there, but once you step in, you forget where you are.

I too was amazed to see the elegant Café Pico, as part of Le Mill. Instantly I was transported to the UK. It did not look like anything that I have ever seen in Mumbai. Of course the décor is minimalist and yet, chic. It has the look and feel of a no-frills yet, informal café abroad. The place instantly makes you feel comfortable.

Politely made to sit, I was handed over the menu. The menu certainly did not read like the usual fare one expects to see in restaurants serving global food. Spanakopita fromGreece, – spinach and feta cheese stuffed into a pastry and baked. Korean pancakes, Homemade Ravioli, Semolina pancakes with lentils and feta cheese, Tagliata Di Manzo- sliced tenderloin served with a mixed herb salad, Spicy Mozambique Chicken. The menu was clearly unusual. “We’ve tried to include the best of dishes from all over the world, in fact from lesser known countries,” Arjun Gadkari, one of the partners informed me. The salad and sandwiches section in the menu was equally versatile. Fig, Rocket & Pecorino salad, Raw mango & cumin pilaf salad, falafel with tomato salsa. Their breads are all made in house.

The Korean pancakes were delicious. The pancakes were made of yellow lentils, carrots, spring onions and had a distinct flavour. The sesame dip served alongside was the highlight. In fact I tasted a lot of their dips made with hung curd, aubergines and so on. The fig and rocket salad I sampled was refreshing light and  healthy. Yes, the accent is on “nutritionally balanced, everyday food.” It maybe gourmet food but healthy it is.

The presentation of the food struck me as I went through each course. Truly, at par with some of the good eating places in the city and reminiscent of many inLondon.          

The Pavlova was to die for. The Meringue used was the best I have ever tasted. The Peanut Butter cake named after Arjun’s nanny Ludy, is another great option for those who don’t like their dessert too sweet.

Head Chef Nicole is a Gordon Ramsey protégé. Not surprising therefore, that the food is global in the real sense.

The Company is the brain child of two young professionals Arjun Gadkari & Abhay Jaiswal who are obviously passionate about food and came together to share their culinary experiences and create something new.

Café Pico is a place worth a visit, no matter which part of Mumbai you live in or are a visitor to the city.  The global culinary experience that you’re treated to, is worth all your efforts. It is value-for-money, given the ingredients used, it is not your run-of-the-mill global food, and the presentation deserves full marks. Check it out.

Apparently they have an elaborate Sunday brunch for just Rs 800. I am definitely headed back there soon.  


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