Unplugg- Wine dine & retro Review

It can easily be missed, if you are not observant. Yet, to those who know Uncle’s Kitchen junction, in Malad, it is an address you can easily find. In fact it is a part of the Uncle’s Kitchen management.

Upon entering, the smoking section, puts you off at first, but climb the stairs and a nice seating area and bar awaits you. The view of the busy street in the evening is nice too. The music is an instant attraction. Peppy and vibrant, it has you tapping your feet in a jiffy. The menu is quite unusual. A lot of continental fare, pastas, pizzas and yes Indian food too.

The chicken steak with a red wine n pepper sauce, is exciting. Well done, it come with garlic flavoured mash potatoes, veggies. Equally unusual is the Chicken Hiberian, boneless chicken pieces in an interesting white sauce with herbs. You can have it with rice or with mashed potatoes. Rosemary chicken, a breast fillet with rosemary herb is delightful. The Indian fare is nothing to write home about. Other dishes include, Moussaka with chicken and layers of aubergine, a Korean barbecue chicken and so on. The meat and seafood section is also exhaustive.

The prices seem steep but once the dish arrives, you know it is value- for- money. The food is great, good service, plenty to choose from for those who drink. The music keeps you hooked and you linger long after you meal is over. A fun place and a haven for food-lovers. Check it out.




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