Chai nashta?

It’s Sunday today and am in the mood for some unusual breakfast. No, not at home for a change. My palate needs some tickling.  Now what are the exciting options in Mumbai?  Lots of restaurants an eateries where I stay (Oshiwara) but alas! none open early- not before 9.30 am or 10 am (and that too if you’re lucky!!) Dosas from a usual Shetty joint or Sreeji’s, Nah! Mc Donalds breakfast. Sampled it many times. Inadequate and snacky. Certainly not value-for-money. It is at times like this I miss the yummy paratha options you get in Delhi early morning. Ah! used to gorge on them during my IIMC days. Alu, gobi, mooli, lip- smacking, garam garam, served with dahi. Gole market, Bengali market. Ooh! makes me nostalgic. Or even good ol’ Kolkata. Dozens of small eateries serving radhaballabi( a dal stuffed puri) with alu sabzi. Ah! the aroma is unparalleled.

Vyanjan a small mithai cum snack shop near Oshiwara police station does dhoklas, upma, samosas, kachoris, but that’s not what I feel like eating first thing in the morning. They have even added some chinese sandwich, chinese samosas et al. Sweet Bengal opp Veera Desai Road, has peas stuffed, kadaishuti kachori with a delicious alu gravy( a bit watery though), but where does this Bong shop surface early? You can’t have breakfast at 11 am can you?   Makhan Bhog, the sweet shop, at Shastri Nagar or Seven Bungalows too has oily kachoris and jalebis. Yummy but not healthy. Vada Pav and samosa pav have never been my favourites, so that’s definitely out. Fat Cat Cafe on Veera Desai Road is an option. A place I like to visit definitely. Par kuch naya chaihye! Or Salt Water Cafe in Bandra?

Are you then saying that in order to have a good breakfast I will have to drive beyond the Western suburbs and go to SoBo? That is so sad. Café Madras at Kings Circle and it’s piping hot dosa, vada, idli, sambhar??   Leopold in Colaba, I know serves a great breakfast, eggs, toast, juices, waffles et al. And so does Tea Centre at Resham Bhavan, Churchgate. I am not in the mood for a lavish spread at five star hotels. Those are plenty, I know, but as I said, that’s not the kind of breakfast I want.

Looks like I will have to settle for my own home made breakfast – besan chilla (gramflour pancakes with lots of veggies, sprinkled with kotmir on top) or French Toast (I make it quite well) or a chilli cheese toast (a la Jai Hind college canteen) or good ol’ Poha/Upma, or a Spanish Omelette. Better I get started and bid adieu to the idea of breakfast outside.

Honestly am in the mood to indulge myself,  but no exciting options close by. It’s time someone explored this. Trust me there will be many takers. Count me in for sure. Mumbaikars generally leave home early on weekdays and even on a Holiday, everyone seeks something hatke from their usual fare! So Mumbai wake up!

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