Wine Festival at The Club

The air was redolent with high spirits.(No pun intended). It was the Winter Wine Festival at The Club, D N Nagar, Andheri West. Everyone was enjoying themselves and obviously out to have a good time. Why not? After all some of the finest wines from all over the world were on display. One could sample them, buy them at really affordable prices. Chateau De Ori, Fratelli, Vallonne, Pause Living Liquidz, Good Earth Wines, Chateau Indage were some of the participants. Full bodied wines, sparkling wines, dry wines, fruity flavours- there was something for everyone. Not to mention the vast array of good food one could choose from.

It always helps to create an awareness about wines, as although it is now a growing trend in India to drink wines, yet, many are still unfamiliar with wines. Moreoever newer ones keep entering the market. So, sampling wines at such festivals, asking questions, understanding how to enjoy the wines, really helps. The customer as well as the producer. It also helps to get tips on what foods those wines can be paired with. Sipping your wine with the right dish, enhances the experience.

I had an enjoyable evening. Having missed it last year, I was determined to be there this year, even though it clashed with the one at Nashik. Shall do that some day too.


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